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the S. S. Bedknob & Broomstick

percy/oliver... better than crack

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Percy/Oliver shippers community
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Like Percy Weasley? Like Oliver Wood? Like them together? Welcome home!

This community has several purposes, all falling under the umbrella of fueling this mod's love for Percy/Oliver. It's half an extension of the SS Bedknob and Broomstick on Fictionalley; a place to discuss Percy and Oliver, together, alone or paired [trio'ed? ;)] with other people. The other half is to call out of the woodwork all the Percy/Oliver writers, artists and readers who I know are lurking on LJ. Write fic? Read fic? Seen or drawn good art? Post it or rec it here!

r u l e s

1. posting/reccing: fic and art of any rating is accepted, but anything rated R or above should go behind a cut with spoilers.
2. graphics/icons: again, use your judgment; if it's long, cut it.
3. this is not a community for pimping RPGs or looking for characters.
4. respect! no flaming or cursing people out for what they think!

Any questions, email killerbeautiful [at] livejournal.com. Now go, and bring me Percy/Oliver!

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