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Fallen Angel
Scenario: Percy fic. I tell no more. Only that someone dies.
Rating: PG

A/n: MAWAHAHAHAHA, anyone call for Angst?!

Fallen Angel

He had been alone since he could remember. Never once letting the people closest to him ever know what was on his mind. Then again they never saw anything as wrong. He was perfect. Perfect Percy.
They couldn't even see that underneath his cold, calm exterior; there was nothing.
He was a shell of empty emotions. Of course the experience of becoming anger and depressed would run rampant but that would never be told to a soul. It was his image that kept his thoughts a secret. His intelligence that seemed to work on ever occasion and in all eventuality get him places.
Shining through only slightly, Percy couldn't even bother to think of what he could have. He was set in his ways. Never to be heard of as anything other then a Weasley, or the Junior assistant. He was called Weatherby for Merlins sake!
No one cared what he was feeling, so why should he share it. They would turn away from him anyway if he told them he was lonely, feeling isolated, and didn't enjoy this stuck up nature he had become accustom too. No, all he truthfully wanted was someone to listen to what he was really feeling. To tell him that it didn't matter if he failed at something, it didn't matter if the world didn't like him.
All that mattered was he was safe and sound, and able to feel things. All he wanted to hear was that someone loved him for just being around them. Just love him.
Oliver crossed his arms and looked towards with a look of concern.
"So tell me. Tell me why you've brought me here in the middle of no where?"
Percy looked from the ground to meet his lovers gaze. His eyes held small tears, threatening to collapse as he watched the light play on Oliver's hair.
Oliver seemed to have noticed Percy's state and took a step forward.
"God Perce, what's wrong?" he asked, outreaching a hand but Percy pulled away violently.
The Quidditch player shook his head. "Percy something is obviously wrong if you've brought me out here in the middle of nowhere. At least tell me why?"
Percy sniffled, holding back all his emotions. He couldn't break down, not now, not here, not before things had to be done. He was suppose to hate the man before him. He was suppose to...
Percy raised his wand to Oliver, just inch's from the other mans nose.
Stumbling back a few steps, Oliver's eyes widened. "What are you doing Percy?"
It was almost unbearable. Percy had to close his eyes, as the mark on his arm burned heavy on his soul. This was the right thing to do. To rid the world of Muggles, and Muggleborns. They had told him so. They had cared enough to leave the keeper to him.
"I'm...I'm sorry Oliver." He whispered.
"Why are you doing this.." Oliver's voice was breaking as he asked the question Percy dare not answer. "I..I love you Percy. You don't have to do this."
The red head opened his eyes, the reflection of light from his glasses blinding him for a moment but Oliver made no attempt to disarm him.
Then he managed to speak. "What is love anyway? It's a box. It's a confinement. A tie to a single person you feel you need to spend the rest of your life with. It a ball and chain. Something to hold you back from real success. Love is nothing more then a word. Our love...Our love is wrong."
Oliver stood silent as he listened to these words. Never mentioned before, never meant to be spoken.
Then he smiled slightly.
"No Percy. I'll tell you what real love is. It's blind devotion, Utter submission, belief against yourself and the whole world. It's giving up you whole heart and soul to the smiter."
The wand fell a little bit but still held it's intensity.
"I haven't the words to appreciate such love."
Oliver stepped forward so the wand was pressing against his neck. "I'm not going to run from you Percy. If you want me dead then I'll do it."
They stood for a few moments not moving, not saying a word until Percy could take no more. He pulled the wand away and held it to his own face.
"I love you too Oliver."
And all Oliver could see was broken twigs light up in a green glow, all he could hear was the crumpling of leaves as the body fell to the ground. There was no more words he could say. There was nothing left unsaid. He lowered himself to the ground to pick up the glasses of his fallen angel.

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