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My Happy Ending ~ Percy/Oliver

Title: My Happy Ending
Pairing: Percy Weasley/Oliver Wood
Rating: NC-17
Summary: It's like any normal day at the Ministry for Percy until he runs into someone from his past.
Author's Note: Written for rose_whispers for the hp_summersmut fic exchange.
A/N 2: Takes place just after HBP. I'd also like to thank julietnromeo, my Oliver, atleast at scarofconquest, for betaing for me ^_^.
Disclaimer: All characters belong to JK Rowling and not me.
Feedback: Yes please. ^_^

The tinkling hiss of falling water from the magnificent gold fountain in the center of the room was the only sound in the Atrium of the Ministry of Magic as Percy Weasley made his way across the large room on his way back from his lunch break. So far the day had progressed as any normal day at the Ministry; Percy had arrived early, as he usually did, took care of any paperwork that had found its way to his desk after he’d left, had set up any and all of the Minister’s appointments for the day and had even made sure a pot of tea was waiting for the Minister when he arrived at the Ministry.

Normally it all would have sat quite well with Percy as he liked order and craved normalcy, which one didn’t find often enough in the Wizarding World, but within the last couple of months his normal everyday tasks had become more then a little tedious and he wished he had a more exciting job; something outside that didn’t include the Ministry.

“Afternoon, Mr. Weasley.” Percy nodded to Eric, the Security Guard as he continued on his way to the lifts. As he approached a loud jingling and clanging announced the arrival of one of the more then twenty lifts in the smaller hallway off of the atrium. Percy stepped inside when the golden grille retracted and wasn’t the least bit surprised to find the lift empty; the Ministry in the morning and the Ministry in the afternoon were almost two completely different places. As the grille slid back into place with a loud, echoing crash Percy leaned back against the wall, it was a long trip back to his office. His office where he was sure to find a whole stack of papers about some new law or regulation, which he would have to read over before presenting them to the Minister; Just one more tedious job after another.

As he rode the slow moving lift that part of him that wished he’d never taken that first job at the Ministry kicked in. So much had changed since he’d taken that job and none of it was for the better. His regret at having become just another anybody for the Ministry had started very soon after his promotion to Fudge’s staff, but had really come to light very soon after Rufus Scrimgeour had been appointed Minister of Magic. Since that time the Ministry had become much more corrupt and Scrimgeour’s apparent obsession with Harry Potter hadn’t helped any.

Percy’s mind began to wander, as it often did, to other possible jobs he could have gone into had he not been so determined and pigheaded to want to show up his father as the end result had been the separation between himself and his family. In fact Percy’s mind had wandered so far that he hadn’t heard the cool female voice, which said “Level seven, Department of Magical Games and Sports, incorporating the British and Irish Quidditch League Headquarters, Official Gobstones Club, and Ludicrous Patents Office.”

He didn’t notice as the lift stopped and the doors opened, nor did he notice the long hallway plastered with various Quidditch posters. And he certainly did not notice the dark haired young man who stepped into the lift. It wasn’t until the dark haired man spoke that Percy was brought back to the real world.

“Percy!” His blue eyes widened behind his glasses as that voice reached his ears. That voice, which on more then one occasion had caused his knees to go weak and turned his brain to mush. That voice, which he hadn’t heard in over a year and half. It was more then just hearing that voice that surprised Percy, but the tone of that voice; it didn’t sound angry or sad as the last time he’d heard it. It actually sounded happy. His heart rate increased slightly as he slowly turned his head in the direction of that voice and his stomach did a backwards somersault as his eyes landed on the smiling young man.

“Oliver, what are you doing here?” Percy stared at the man he hadn’t seen in over a year and half, at least not in the flesh. There had just been a story about him in the Daily Prophet a little less then a week ago; Percy hadn’t actually read it so much as stared at the picture as Oliver Wood flew through the air around the goal posts.

The golden grilles slid shut and the lift continued its assent. “Going up apparently,” Oliver’s smile never faltered, “Thought I was going down, but I’ve always been crap with lifts.”

“Oh.” Was all Percy was able to say. Confusion swept over him as he continued to stare at the other man, why wasn’t this awkward for him? Why wasn’t he angry? It would have been so much easier if Oliver were acting like any other person would who had just stepped into a lift with their ex. At least then Percy wouldn’t be so confused.

Oliver must have been able to tell Percy was uncomfortable; he had always been able to read the redhead like a book after all, because his smile dimmed a little and he leaned back against the wall. “Actually I was renewing my contract with Puddlemere. Dreadfully boring meeting, but this more then makes up for it.” His smile brightened once again.

A light blush crept up the back of Percy’s neck, reaching the tips of his ears as Oliver’s words washed over him; seeing Percy had made Oliver happy. “Oliver, I…”

“Hey, do you have any plans tonight?”

“Well no, but I…”

Oliver didn’t wait to hear what else he had to say as he continued on, his smile growing impossibly brighter, “Why don’t we go get a drink when you get off to catch up?”

Percy’s first instinct was to decline, to decline and get off at the next floor and catch another lift to his office. And that’s what Percy would have done had he not noticed the hopeful expression in the depth of Oliver’s deep brown eyes. Oliver’s eyes had always been Percy’s second weakness, his voice being the first. There was no saying no once he’d looked into those eyes.


“Spiffing! Do you still get out at the same time?” If it were possible, Oliver’s smile grew even larger, threatening to split his face in half.

A small smile crossed Percy’s lips, he’d always loved being the one to make Oliver smile, even now after so long apart. “Yeah, same time as always.”

The lift stopped and the cool female voice rang out again “Level six, Department of Magical Transport, incorporating the Floo Network Authority, Broom Regulatory Control, Portkey Office, and Apparation Test Center.”

“I should get off here and catch a lift down.” Oliver said as two Wizards stepped into the lift “I’ll meet you at the Diagon Alley entrance when you get off, alright?”

Percy nodded then glanced at the two Wizards who didn’t seem to be paying any attention to him and Oliver, “Alright. I’ll see you then.”

“Have a good day, Perce.” Without another word Oliver left the lift and the doors slid shut again. As the lift continued towards the higher floors Percy slumped against the wall and ran a hand through his thick curly hair. He was going out with Oliver Wood after work. The same Oliver Wood he’d broken up with over a year ago. The same Oliver Wood he still, as much as he tried to deny it, had feelings for.

Percy sighed dramatically, which received him nothing but disapproving looks from the two Wizards in the lift. He straightened himself as the lift stopped at the next floor; today was going to be a very long day.


At fifteen minutes past seven that evening Percy stepped out onto the steps of the Ministry’s Diagon Alley entrance and was surprised at how busy the surrounding area was this time of night; Percy went home by floo and wasn’t used to the crowed streets of Diagon Alley at night.

He’d chosen to leave his briefcase and work robes in his office as he didn’t much feel like lugging them around with him and he didn’t have any important paperwork that needed to be done that evening. Besides how foolish would he look in his elaborate work robes next to Oliver who was sure to be dressed in his outfit from earlier; Muggle jeans, which did a splendid job was showcasing his firm arse and the blue and white striped polo shirt Percy had bought him once because he’d gotten tired of listening to the Quidditch player complaining that he never had anything decent to wear.

Percy sighed and glanced down at his own clothes, navy blue pants, white button up shirt complete with tie and knew he’d still look foolish next to Oliver no matter what the other man wore. He wished he had enough time to floo home and change, into what he didn’t care, anything was bound to be better then what he was currently wearing. But he couldn’t. Oliver was bound to show up at any minute.

He glanced at his watch to find it nearing seven thirty, the time Percy usually left his office. He’d finished all his work extremely early that evening in nervous anticipation; all the while thinking of all the possible things that could happen during his evening with Oliver. The worst thing Percy had thought of was that the moment Oliver said hello he’d blurt out that he still had feelings for him and that Oliver would stare at him in shock before telling him that he’d just been going through a phase when they were together and that he’d gotten married right after they’d broken up and that they were expecting a baby any day now.

Percy was 99.9% sure that he’d die if that situation arose.

He was just about to give his watch another look when that all too familiar voice rang out to his right. He turned to see Oliver waving at him from the bottom of the Ministry steps; sure enough he was dressed exactly as Percy had assumed he’d be. Percy gave a small wave in return and inhaled deeply before starting down the steps; there was no turning back now.

“Evening, Oliver.” He stopped two steps above where Oliver stood, unsure of what to do next.

Oliver grinned up at him as if the events of more then a year and a half ago had never taken place. “Don’t sound so thrilled to see me, Perce.”

The tips of Percy’s ears pinked and he suddenly felt extremely awkward, something he hadn’t felt around Oliver since he’d first realized his feelings for the Quidditch Player. “I…I’m sorry, Oliver. It’s just….”

“Been a long time?” Oliver finished for him, his expression suddenly becoming serious as he took a step up and placed a hand on Percy’s shoulder. “I know, but let’s say we forget about the past and just focus on the here and now.”

Percy stared down into Oliver’s deep brown eyes; it had always surprised him how quickly and seamlessly Oliver could shift from being a giddy, rambunctious ball of energy to being quite serious when the situation called for it.

After a few moments of silence Percy nodded. “Yeah, alright.”
The grin returned to Oliver’s face and he squeezed Percy’s shoulder briefly before stepping down onto the sidewalk “Good. Now let’s get out of here. There’s a pub a few blocks down that I haven’t been to in months.”

They walked close together so as not to get separated in the crowded street. They were so close in fact that Percy could smell Oliver’s aftershave, the same one he’d worn back in school. As they walked the familiar scent triggered a barrage of memories; the first time Percy had realized he liked Oliver as more then just a friend, the first time they’d kissed, making out in the Quidditch Equipment shed, the night Percy had shown up on Oliver’s doorstep after the fight with his parents. He was so overwhelmed by the memories that he hadn’t realized they’d stopped until Oliver’s fingers appeared in front of his face.

“Hey, Perce! You okay?” Percy’s head snapped around in Oliver’s direction, a blush creeping up his cheeks at having been caught with his head in the clouds.

“What? Yeah. Sorry.”

Oliver simply smiled “That’s good. You kinda zoned out on me.”
Percy fiddled with his glasses, something he often did when he was nervous, which he hoped Oliver had forgotten about. “Sorry. Long day.”

“That’s understandable. You should see me after a particularly long training session.” Oliver guided them into a less crowded street, “Wait, what am I talking about? You have.”

“Yes, you do tend to zone out something awful.” Percy had seen Oliver after training sessions more times then he could count. First at Hogwarts and then later on when he had moved into the other young man’s flat.

Oliver laughed as he stopped abruptly in front of a small one story building. “Here we are.” He pushed the door open and held it for Percy. Once inside Percy watched as Oliver scanned the pub then wave to the bartender who waved back and motioned towards an unoccupied table.

“Be right back.” Percy had barely sat down when Oliver practically ran up to the bar where he started talking animatedly with the bartender. While Oliver continued conversing with the man behind the counter Percy surveyed the small, dimly lit pub; despite there not being many patrons thick grey smoke hung low in the stale air making it difficult for Percy to see much else. “Here we are.” Percy looked away from the other patrons as Oliver placed two mugs of beer on the table and sat down across from him.

“Thank you.” Percy took the mug in front of him, taking a sip he grimaced slightly; It had been awhile since he’d drank regular beer as he didn’t drink very often and when he did his drink of choice was Fire Whiskey. “Are you only back to renew your contract?”
Oliver drained almost half of his beer before answering “Well that’s one reason.”

“What’s the other reason then?” Percy asked; this was it, Oliver was going to tell him he had a girlfriend in London and had come to see her. His worst nightmare was about to come true.

Oliver chuckled as he leaned his elbows on the worn wooden table top. “Even you should know the other reason, Perce. It’s the off season. Didn’t feel like spending it in Puddlemere again so I decided to come back here and see what was going on. Do some catching up if I could.”

“Oh.” Percy let out the breath he hadn’t even realized he had been holding. Of course, the off season; after they’d broken up Percy hadn’t paid much attention to Quidditch unless it was something pertaining solely to Oliver. “So you’ll be here for awhile then.”

“At least until training starts up again.” Oliver smirked and took another sip of his drink, “So what’s new with you? Been seeing anyone lately?”

Percy’s eyes widened slightly, he hadn’t been expecting that question so soon if at all. He could feel the blush coming on and prayed to whatever deity was listening that the smoke in the air would hide it somewhat. “Not really…er…I mean there’ve been a few, but not lately. I’ve been quite busy at The Ministry.”

Oliver nodded, a small smile on his lips; he had always found something endearing about Percy’s ramblings, especially when they were accompanied by a slight blush, which Oliver could see clearly through the hazy smoke, as they were now. “So no one serious then?”

“No. I don’t really have the time and energy at the moment to lay down the ground work for a serious relationship. Besides no one has been…”

“Quite like me?” Oliver smirked cheekily and Percy thought he saw a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“…worthwhile.” Percy finished as if Oliver hadn’t interrupted him because if he let himself think about what he’d just said Percy would have to admit that he was right. There was no one in the redhead’s mind who could hold a candle to the man sitting across from him right now. “What about you? I…I heard a rumor about you and the American Seeker.”

Oliver snorted, practically sloshing beer down his chin as he’d been in the process of draining his glass and hadn’t quite expected that. He put the mug down, wiping his chin then leaned on the table again. “That’s nothing but rubbish. She’s not exactly my type.” He looked pointedly at Percy, “Something else you of all people should know.”

“Oh.” Percy dropped his eyes to his glass, “Why not?”

“Well if you paid any attention to entertainment news you’d know that I publicly came out six months ago.”

Percy lifted his gaze and stared at Oliver, “Oh.” The only word he could manage. How had he missed an announcement like that? He now felt quite stupid for thinking that Oliver had simply been going through a phase with him.

“How about you? Anyone else know about you?” Oliver asked, trying to get the bartender’s attention.

Percy took a quick swig, his throat suddenly incredibly dry. This was not the type of conversation he’d thought they would end up having. “Only Charlie and Penelope.” His older brother, who was the only member of his family he was currently talking to, claimed that he’d known Percy was gay even before Percy himself did.

Oliver’s eyebrows rose “Clearwater? You two are still friends?”

“Yes. I suppose she’s my best friend.” Percy hated to admit that she was probably his only real friend.

“Ah, so you two have a fag hag relationship.” Oliver watched as the redhead’s eyes widened almost comically before he dropped his gaze once again to the wooden table top; just as before in the lift Oliver could tell that his statement had made Percy uncomfortable. “Which word don’t you like, Perce? Fag or hag?”

“Hag.” Percy replied after a moment’s silence, lifting his gaze back to Oliver, “Because she’s not. She’s the most beautiful girl I know and if I were….”

Oliver grinned “Always defend your ex’s?”

“ don’t?”

It was now Oliver’s turn to blush, his grin faded and he bit his lip momentarily “Actually….I just did today.” Percy was slightly taken aback by Oliver’s revelation. By the way the older young man was looking at him it was fairly obvious who he was talking about. The two men stared at one another, an awkward silence beginning to envelope them. Percy’s heart began to beat painfully as he stared directly into Oliver’s eyes, unable to pull his gaze away. It was Oliver who finally broke the silence, “Perce, can I ask you something?”

Percy nodded and that’s when Oliver asked the question that Percy knew was coming before Oliver even voiced it. The question he hadn’t been able to answer over a year and a half ago.

“What happened? Why’d we break up?”

Percy tried to look anywhere but at Oliver now, where moments ago his eyes had been glued on the Quidditch player now they couldn’t settle on one thing. His heart rate increased rapidly and it felt as if the walls were closing in on him. “I thought we weren’t going to talk about the past?”

“Humor me.” Oliver leaned further onto the table, “All you said was it wasn’t working out, which I don’t believe for a minute. I mean maybe I’m just really bloody optimistic, but I thought we were doing pretty good. Almost three years, Perce. After almost three years you suddenly said it wasn’t working out anymore and you just left without another word. I…I thought you loved me.”

It suddenly felt like someone had put Percy’s heart in a vice and was squeezing it relentlessly. His eyes darted around the bar before finally stopping on Oliver’s face; all traces of the happy ball of energy were gone. Oliver looked like a lonely, lost little boy and Percy hated himself for being the cause of it. Oliver deserved the truth, something Percy himself had only come to realize after he’d broken up with him.

“I…I was falling more in love with you everyday, Oliver….” Percy’s throat constricted, but he forced himself to continue, “….a…and that scared me.”

Oliver’s eyebrows furrowed “But why? What was there to be scared of?”

Percy took a deep shuddering breath “Because I knew that eventually I was going to hurt you just like I’d hurt everyone else I loved.”

“You know for the smartest bloke I know you’re really daft. There’s nothing you could have done that would have hurt me more then your leaving did. I used to stay awake at night wondering if I had done something wrong. Wondering if I did something different if you’d come back. All I could do was wonder what if.” Oliver squeezed his eyes shut briefly before opening them and looking intently into Percy’s “I loved you more then anything.”

The vice like feeling in Percy’s chest intensified with each word Oliver spoke; he hated the fact that in trying to spare Oliver any pain he’d only succeeded in hurting him more. As Percy stared into Oliver’s deep eyes, full of unshed tears, all he wanted to do was reach across the table and wrap his arms around the man that he still loved and vow to never cause him any pain ever again.

“God, Oliver, I’m so sorry.” His voice wavered slightly as he placed his hand on top of Oliver’s, “I never mean’t….I was only trying….I never stopped loving you.”

Oliver’s eyes widened slightly as the corners of his lips twitched as if he were trying not to smile “Really?”

Percy nodded weakly as he watched the emotions play out on Oliver’s face.

Oliver was silent for a moment as Percy’s revelation sunk in; it felt to Percy like one of the longest moments of his life. Finally letting his lips turn up into a small smile he replied “Me neither.”
The vice on his heart loosened and Percy opened his mouth, but no words came out. Instead he leaned across the table and pressed his lips against Oliver’s. He didn’t care that they were in plain view of more then a dozen people. It was as if everything fell away around them and nothing else mattered at that moment, nothing except Oliver.

At first neither of them moved for what seemed like ages, but was only a few seconds, their lips simply pressed against each other’s. It was Oliver who made the next move, his mouth opening slightly to run his tongue along Percy’s bottom lip, which parted immediately to allow his tongue entrance. The kiss started out slow, familiarizing themselves once again with the taste and feel of the other’s mouth. It had been so long since their last kiss, but as the kiss intensified it felt as if no time had been lost between them.

Percy’s mind raced almost as quickly as his pulse as the kiss deepened slightly; he couldn’t believe he was kissing Oliver again. He couldn’t believe that even after breaking his heart, Oliver still loved him and had wordlessly forgiven him for it; that was if the other man’s tongue lovingly caressing his own was any indication. Percy made up his mind then and there that if air wasn’t such an important necessity he’d be perfectly content with kissing Oliver for the rest of his life.

Heat pooled low in the bottom of Percy’s stomach as Oliver opened his mouth farther, biting on Percy’s lower lip and eliciting a low moan from the red head. By this point Percy had forgotten about their surroundings completely; it wasn’t until a gruff voice pulled them apart that the pub, along with all its patrons, returned.

“Take it outside.” Oliver looked up at the bartender now standing beside their table, his eyes dark and pupils dilated then grabbed Percy’s hand, pulling them both to their feet.


Oliver turned briefly to smirk at Percy before leading him away from the irritated bartender and even farther away from the door in which they’d entered the pub. Instead Percy found himself being led towards the loos.

“Oliver, where are we….” He was cut off when Oliver came to a halt in front of a door marked ‘Exit’ and smirked wickedly. He pushed the door open with one hand, the other still holding firmly to Percy’s. The door slammed closed behind them, but Percy didn’t hear it as the moment they were out in the alley Oliver pushed him up against the brick wall and began an assault on Percy’s neck with his mouth. Percy arched his back, the back of his head slamming into the wall behind him in the process; he was sure to have a nasty bump the next morning; however the pure lust and alcohol running through his system numbed the dull pain at that moment.

As Oliver’s mouth became attached to the spot just behind Percy’s ear the redhead moaned and slid his hands down to Oliver’s hips, which he grasped firmly, pulling them flush against his own. His eyes rolled back in sheer bliss as he felt Oliver’s half hard cock against his own through the thick denim the Quidditch player wore.

“….Oliver.” The name a strangled moan on Percy’s tongue; his breathing coming rapidly making it difficult to talk. “I…I want to make it….make it all up to you.” His knees threatened to give out as the tip of Oliver’s tongue caressed the shell of his ear.

Oliver situated his knee between Percy’s legs, grinding his growing erection into Percy’s, causing them both to moan in unison. “Nothing to make up for, Perce.” He brought one hand up to cup the back of Percy’s neck as their lips came together in a searing, heart-stopping, brain-melting kiss.

When their lips parted Percy nodded, banging his head lightly against the wall again “There is. Please….please let me.”

Oliver stared into Percy’s lust darkened eyes, only a small ring of blue remained; beneath the obvious lust and desire was an overwhelming need to do what he thought needed to be done to rectify his actions leading to their break up. Never having been able to deny Percy anything Oliver nodded, pressing his forehead to Percy’s. “Alright.”

“Not here.” Percy wanted desperately to show Oliver how sorry he was for causing him the pain he’d tried so hard not to, but not in their current location. Not in a filthy alley against an equally as filthy brick wall. He wanted tonight to make up for the last year and half. “My place.”

“Take us there.” Oliver pressed his lips softly to Percy’s as he slid his arms around his waist then rested his head in the crook of Percy’s neck.

Percy nodded, closing his eyes reluctantly, afraid that when he opened them he would find it was all a cruel dream and that Oliver would be gone and he’d be alone again. Apparating was the quickest way to his flat, but in his current hazy state of mind he was afraid of the possibility of splinching himself or both of them. However his determination to show Oliver how sorry he was cancelled out his fear of that. He took a deep breath, linking his fingers together against the small of Oliver’s back, pulling him impossibly closer as he thought of his flat; specifically his bedroom in his flat. Within seconds everything went black and he felt the familiar pressure all around him that accompanied apparition. When the pressure subsided they were left clinging to one another in the middle of Percy’s bedroom; they were still shrouded in darkness except for a long patch of moon light peaking through the curtains.

Before either of them had a chance to recover completely their lips came together in a rough, passionate kiss, neither of them able to hold back any longer. Percy moved forward, pushing Oliver towards the bed, his hands working the button and zip of Oliver’s jeans in the process.

Oliver grasped at the bottom of Percy’s shirt, pulled it free of his pants and snaked his hands up underneath, brushing his fingers up Percy’s spine causing the redhead to shiver slightly in anticipation.

“Merlin, Oliver, I’ve missed you.” Percy muttered against Oliver’s lips as he abandoned his task of divesting Oliver of his pants and ran his hands up underneath Oliver’s shirt, yearning to run his tongue along the muscles his fingers were currently gliding over. Within moments Oliver’s shirt was on the floor and Percy had stepped back slightly to admire his Quidditch toned body. He brought his hands up to Oliver’s chest, a low moan escaped Oliver’s lips as he teased his nipples with his fingers before resting his hands on his shoulders. Then taking Oliver slightly by surprise he pushed him back.

Oliver landed on the bed with a soft thud and the faint groan of mattress springs. He grinned up at Percy as he watched him undo his shirt and tie and toss them to the floor carelessly then start on his trousers. Oliver sucked in a deep breath as his eyes roamed over Percy’s long, lean body; he’d spent countless hours daydreaming about touching and tasting that smooth freckled skin again and he was finally getting his chance. He tore his gaze away from Percy momentarily to glance at the small pile of discarded clothes; his eyes zeroing in on the tie in particular. “That tie could come in handy you know.”

A sly smile crossed Percy’s lips as he toed off his shoes “Thinking about the time I tied you up?”

“Well who would have thought that Perfect Prefect Percy Weasley would be into bondage?” Oliver’s eyes flicked back up to Percy’s.
A slight blush stained Percy’s cheeks as he too thought about that night when he’d secured Oliver to his four poster bed using their school ties; he still couldn’t believe he’d done it. “I am when you’re the one tied up.”

Oliver reached out and hooked his fingers into the belt loops of Percy’s open trousers, pulling him closer. “That’s not fair.” He tipped his head back to look up at Percy then pressed his lips to his stomach, he moved his mouth slowly and sensuously, awakening every nerve ending, causing Percy’s breathing to increase with each swipe of his tongue across the rapidly heating flesh. Percy’s cock twitched and a moan escaped his lips as Oliver swirled his tongue around his bellybutton.

Percy’s finger’s threaded through Oliver’s dark brown hair and hesitantly pulled his head back, he would have loved to let Oliver continue with his ministrations to his stomach, but he was still determined to show Oliver how sorry he was for all the hurt he’d caused him. He slid one hand under Oliver’s chin, lifting his face up to look into his eyes; the two men simply stared at each other for a few moments before Percy leaned down and kissed Oliver tenderly then straightened up again. “Lay down.”

Once Oliver was lying down Percy crawled onto the bed and straddled his hips, grinding his arse into Oliver’s denim clad erection in the process. Oliver threw his head back against the pillows and moaned Percy’s name, clutching at the redhead’s thighs. Percy’s hands returned to their earlier task of ridding Oliver of his jeans and within moments Oliver was laid out gloriously naked on the bed. Percy sat back on his heels at Oliver’s feet as his eyes roamed freely over his body, he moved up slowly, running his hands up Oliver’s legs and nipped lightly at the inside of Oliver’s thigh causing the other man to buck his hips up.

“Fuck, Percy….please.” Oliver groaned, his accent thickened with lust, his chest rising and falling rapidly as Percy’s fingers touched everywhere except his throbbing erection; he’d waited so long for this and he didn’t want to wait any longer. “It’s not nice to tease.”

“I’m not teasing.” Percy stated, splaying his hands out on Oliver’s hips and running them up his stomach and chest, bringing Oliver and himself face to face “I’m remembering.”

Oliver smiled at him and stared into his eyes, cupping his face in his hands “Forget about remembering. We’re going to make new memories.” He bucked his hips up into Percy’s and hissed slightly at the feeling of Percy’s trousers brushing against his hardened, sensitive flesh in the process. His hands left Percy’s face and hooked into the top of his trousers and pants. “But first these need to go.”

A moan passed Percy’s lips as he nodded and wriggled out of his trousers and pants with some assistance from Oliver.
Oliver’s eyes widened predatorily as he took in the sight of Percy’s naked body, pale freckled skin illuminated by the patch of moonlight peaking through the curtains. “God, Perce, I almost forgot how incredible you look.”

“I do not.” He couldn’t tell if he was blushing from Oliver’s comment or if his face was warm from exertion.

“You do too now stop arguing with me and get on with it.” Oliver grabbed the back of Percy’s neck and pulled him down into a searing kiss then released him just as quickly.

Percy arched an eyebrow at him as he attempted to push his glasses up his nose only to have them slip down again. “You’re ruining the moment.”

Oliver grinned, the tip of his tongue showing between his teeth “I can only make the moment better.”

“Berk.” Percy rolled his eyes and hips in unison before Oliver could reply.

Oliver moaned unabashedly as their erections rubbed against one another. Percy’s lips brushed Oliver’s then moved over his cheek, jaw, and down to his throat. He sucked lightly on the spot where neck met shoulder; Oliver closed his eyes, tipping his head back slightly and relishing in the feeling of Percy’s mouth and tongue lapping at the slightly salty skin. As Percy continued sucking on Oliver’s neck, he reached down, pulling Oliver’s well muscled legs up, one wrapped around his waist and the other around his thigh, the heel of Oliver’s foot pushed against his arse every time Oliver arched up beneath him.

“Oh, Merlin, don’t stop.” Oliver gasped as Percy’s teeth grazed his sensitive skin then ran his tongue over it to sooth the sting away. “Don’t ever stop.” When Percy’s teeth caught his earlobe, the combination of his tongue and teeth and breath caused his dark eyes to roll back and his hips to buck up involuntarily, pulling a moan from each of them. Oliver’s hands slid up Percy’s slightly shaking arms and gripped his shoulders briefly before running his hands down Percy’s back, his fingertips brushing over each bump of his spine. As his fingers moved lower they dipped between Percy’s arse cheeks causing him to jerk his hips down roughly against Oliver’s.

“Don’t do that….” Percy breathed hotly against his ear, his hips continuing to rub against Oliver’s as he felt the other man’s fingers moving lower. It wasn’t that he didn’t like what Oliver was doing, on the contrary, he quite enjoyed it, but he knew that if Oliver continued then he was going to come before he had the chance to get inside him and that was not part of his plan. Either Oliver didn’t hear him or chose to ignore him because Percy could feel the tips of his fingers prodding at his hole. Their hips crashed together and one of them whimpered, Percy was fairly sure it was himself, as one of Oliver’s fingers pushed inside him.

Percy’s cock throbbed painfully as Oliver’s finger slid in further, he desperately needed to come. Locking his gaze with Oliver’s he reached back and wrapped his fingers around the other man’s wrist, immediately feeling empty as he pulled his hand away from his arse. “I need to be inside you.” Or I’ll die, he finished in his head. It had been so long that he thought it could be entirely possible that he might die either way. He brushed his lips over Oliver’s lightly before shifting his upper body to reach for a drawer in the nightstand.

“Always prepared.” Oliver joked, his chest heaving as Percy sat up, straddling his hips, a small vial of oil in his hand.

“Well it would be easier if I could find my wand.” Percy threw a quick glance at the mess of clothes on the floor where both his and Oliver’s wand lay somewhere amongst them. “But that would require me to get up.”

Oliver shook his head as Percy moved down between his legs “Don’t you dare.”

“I have no intention.” Percy slicked some of the oil onto his fingers then placed one hand on Oliver’s knee. At the first press of Percy’s long fingers into his body Oliver moaned, arched his back and rocked his hips down. Percy pulled his fingers out almost all the way then thrust them in again deeper until he found that spot that made Oliver keen and twist his hands roughly in the sheets.

Oliver was so hot and tight and Percy couldn’t help but groan low in the back of his throat as his muscles squeezed around his fingers, desperately wanting to feel that around his cock. He thrust and twisted his fingers into Oliver’s body a few more times before he couldn’t hold out any longer. Removing his fingers he slicked some of the oil over his cock, moaning at the touch his own fingers against his heated flesh.

He repositioned himself between Oliver’s legs and began slowly pushing past the tight ring of muscle, Oliver’s back arched up and Percy moaned as he sheathed himself completely in Oliver’s tight, clenching arse. He had to stop and breath in deep. Oliver was so hot and tight around his cock that if he moved right away it would be all over far too quickly.

Oliver’s fingers grasped at Percy’s upper arms as he gradually began a slow, steady thrust into Oliver’s body. Percy’s chest was tight and his heart hammered so hard that he thought it was going to explode. Between each thrust Percy brought his head down to suck at the side of Oliver’s throat, his tongue flicking out to taste the salty skin.

The small room as filled with soft pants and moans and the scent of sweat and sex as Percy’s thrusts became quicker and deeper at Oliver’s insistence. They held onto each other tight, rocking against one another as if afraid that if one of them loosened their grip the other would disappear.

Percy moaned at the feeling of Oliver’s hard prick hot against his stomach, pressed between their two bodies. He thrust deeper, angling his hips to hit Oliver’s prostate with each thrust causing the brunette to moan incoherently and grip at Percy’s upper arms almost bruisingly, wrapping his legs around Percy’s slim waist. Oliver came first, moaning Percy’s name as his release shot out hot and sticky against their bellies. Feeling his muscles clenching around him Percy groaned loudly and came less then a minute after, emptying himself into Oliver.

Breathing heavily, their chests moving against one another, they stared into each other’s eyes for a moment before Percy collapsed on top of Oliver’s hard body, wincing slightly as he pulled out of him. He pressed his face into the crook of his neck, suddenly overcome with the overwhelming love for the man beneath him and the incredible guilt over the hurt he’d caused him.

“I’m sorry. I never mean’t…..I didn’t know.” One of Oliver’s hands came up to card through wild curly red hair soothingly.

“Perce, it’s ok. I understand. You don’t need to apologize anymore. It’s forgiven and forgotten.”

The red head propped himself up on his elbows and stared into Oliver’s eyes “Really?”

Oliver pulled his head down to place a soft kiss on Percy’s forehead “Really. Now would you do me a favor?” Percy nodded. “Get off me. You’re getting heavy and you’re sticky.”

Percy slapped Oliver’s shoulder, but rolled off of him all the same. “Berk.” He curled up against Oliver’s side, draping an arm across his chest.

“So what time do you have to be in work tomorrow?” Oliver asked, fatigue sweeping over him as he fumbled with the comforter beneath him.

Percy lifted himself just enough to wriggle under said comforter then laid his head on Oliver’s shoulder “Gonna owl in sick.” His eyes already closed.

A grin broke out on Oliver’s face “Percy Weasley skiving off work? Now I’ve seen everything.”

“If you’d rather wake up alone in the mor….” An immense yawn kept him from finishing his sentence.

Finally succeeding to slip beneath the comforter Oliver turned his body in towards Percy’s “Don’t even think about. I’m not letting you out of this bed till at least dinnertime tomorrow.”

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