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What Fred Saw ~ Percy Weasley/Oliver Wood

Title: What Fred Saw
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Percy Weasley/Oliver Wood
Summery: Fred witnesses something he never in a million years thought he'd see.
Author's Note: This was written for littledust as a part of hp_clover.
Disclaimer: All of the characters mentioned here belong to JK Rowling.
Feedback: Yes please

By the time the fire in the kitchen fireplace erupted in brilliant emerald green flames Fred and George Weasley had already been perched on either side of the mantelpiece for close to twenty minutes waiting to greet their new arrival.

Fred glanced at his brother as the new arrival stepped out of the flames and without giving the boy any warning the twins tackled him to the ground at the same time. The three boys rolled around on the floor laughing and yelling for a few minutes before they stopped abruptly and three sets of eyes landed on a pair of brown shoes. As they tilted their heads back they saw that the shoes were attached to a pair of tan pants, which were attached to a blue and white striped shirt and above that a head topped with thick curly red hair.

Percy Weasley crossed his arms and stared down at them disapprovingly “Hello, Oliver. How are you?”

Oliver Wood disentangled himself from the twins and stood up brushing dust and floo powder from his clothes and traveling cloak “Hey, Perce! I’m pretty good. How about you?”

“I’m fine. How’s your summer been?” Percy asked as the twins got to their feet. It had been three weeks since the summer holidays had begun.

“Can’t complain really. Been devising a whole new practice schedule.” Oliver’s eyes lit up at the mere thought of Quidditch.

Percy nodded “Sounds nice. Hopefully we’ll win the cup this year.”

George snorted, “Like you care.”

“I’ll die if we don’t.” Oliver stated, “It’s my last chance.”

The faintest smile played at Percy’s lips “Anything besides Quidditch going on?”

“Doubt it!” Fred exclaimed coming up beside Oliver, “Wood only ever thinks of one thing and that’s Quidditch.”

“Quidditch morning, noon, and night!” George agreed.

“Dreams about Quidditch I bet.” Fred added.

While the twins continued to ramble on about Oliver’s obsession with the wizarding sport he grinned at Percy “Actually I’ve been seeing someone.”

“Would sleep with his broomstick if he cou…” George stopped mid-sentence and took to staring incredulously at the Keeper.

An eyebrow rose behind Percy’s glasses “Really? Good for you.”

“You mean there’s someone out there who will actually put up with you prattling on about Quidditch all the time?” Fred had a shocked expression on his face, “I feel sorry for the poor girl.”

George nodded “Sure she’s not deaf, Oliver?”

“Yes well at least I’ve got someone; the two of you’ve still only got each other.” Oliver stated smugly.

The twins glanced at each other and wrinkled their freckled noses, completely missing the eye-roll Percy gave Oliver.

“Harsh, Oliver.” George said.

“Low blow.” Fred agreed.

Percy sighed and shook his head “Well I’m going to be up in my room reading for awhile and with mum gone for the day I’m in charge so I expect you to please keep it down and try not to break anything.” His announcement was directed more to the twins then it was at Oliver.

“Don’t worry, Percy.” The innocent tone of Fred’s voice was betrayed by the devious smile marking his lips.

“Yeah, you can trust us.” George added crossing his eyes.

Percy stared at his brothers blankly “Somehow I doubt that.” He turned his attention to Oliver “It was nice to see you, Oliver. Keep an eye on them would you?”

“No problem, Percy.” Oliver smiled and his eyes met Percy’s for a moment before one of the twins grabbed his arm and began dragging him out into the garden.

“Keep an eye on us! What does he think we are? Babies?” George said when they were out of earshot of Percy, “We’re fifteen.”

Fred nodded vehemently “We can watch after ourselves quite well, thank you very much.”

“Pompous git!” George scoffed as they left the garden in the direction of the paddock the Weasleys owned; the twins walked a few paces ahead of Oliver.

Oliver couldn’t help but laugh at how outraged the twins seemed to be “You’ve got to admit that with your mother gone he does have reason to believe you’ll try something.” The twins stopped so suddenly that Oliver almost collided with them.

“He’s right you know.” Fred said turning to his brother.

George frowned “Unfortunately.”

Oliver looked from one twin to the other “I know you too well.”

“He knows us too well.” Fred stated as if Oliver hadn’t just said the same thing.

“So will you admit that his worries aren’t totally unfounded?” He looked first at Fred then at George who glanced at him then at Fred.

Silence fell over the three boys as they continued exchanging glances, the only sounds coming from birds in nearby trees. George was the first to break the silence.

“He’s still a pompous git.”

Oliver sighed in defeat as the twins turned and continued towards the paddock. They were half way there when Oliver stopped and slapped his hand to his forehead “Oh shite!”

“What’s the matter?” Fred looked over his shoulder at him and George did the same.

“Garden Gnome grab ye bum?” George grinned.

Oliver shook his head, quirking an eyebrow at them “No, I forgot my broom. Must have dropped it when I was ambushed coming out of the floo.”

Fred wore a look of mock surprise “How scandalous!”

“Oh I agree,” George chimed in, “To think a person can’t step out of a floo without being attacked now a days.” He made a clucking sound with his tongue.

Oliver chuckled and turned back in the direction they’d just come “I’ll just pop back to the house and get it. Why don’t you two do a few laps while you’re waiting.”

“You don’t need to go all the way back up there.”

“Yeah we’ve got Ron’s Shooting Star.”

“He was practicing with us before he left with mum.”

“It’s with our brooms.”

“Oh I couldn’t.” Oliver shook his head.

“He won’t mind.” Fred persisted, “It makes more sense then you getting all out of breath going there and back.”

“I just don’t feel comfortable using someone else’s broom. Thanks for the offer though. I’ll be right back.” He turned and started jogging back towards the Burrow before either of the twins could say another word.

Fred glanced at his brother and shrugged; it took them seconds to reach the paddock where they retrieved their brooms, which they had thrown down along with Ron’s earlier that afternoon. They each mounted the brooms and kicked off. They had been making their sixth or seventh pass around the paddock when they remembered Oliver.

“Hey how long has Oliver been gone?” George asked as he passed dangerously close to Fred.

Fred took one hand off his broom and looked at his wrist “Wouldn’t know don’t have a watch.”

“Berk.” George rolled his eyes and glanced back at the house as something dawned on him, “Do you remember there being a broom when we tackled him?”

“You know,” Fred stopped in midair a few feet away from his brother, “Now that you mention it I don’t think there was.” Their eyes met and an identical frown crossed both of their faces.

“Why would he pretend he forgot his broom if he didn’t bring it?” George was puzzled.

Fred shook his head “I think the question is, why wouldn’t he bring his broom if he came over specifically to practice?”

“He’s probably not slept much lately, what with creating a new training schedule.” George suggested, “Probably didn’t even realize he’d forgotten to bring it.”

“That still doesn’t explain why he hasn’t come back.” Fred said, “Knows he can use Ron’s broom if necessary.”

“Bet Percy ambushed him in the kitchen and started lecturing him on proper floo etiquette or some other rubbish.” George began descending towards the ground.

Fred followed him “Poor bloke’s probably having his ear talked off. I’ll go up and find him.”

“Alright, but be quick about it.” George called after his brother as Fred ran back towards the house. Fred had already decided on what he was going to say to Percy when he reached the house if he was indeed the reason Oliver had taken so long to return to the paddock and it wasn’t very pleasant. He reached the kitchen door very out of breath from running the entire way to the house and pushed it open forcefully.

“Percy, I…” The words died on his lips as he surveyed the empty kitchen around him. He took a step over the threshold and closed the door then took another step further into the kitchen. A heavy silence hung in the air and sent a shiver down Fred’s spine; he wasn’t used to the Burrow being so quiet.

He walked around the table and stuck his head into the living room, which was just as empty and silent as the kitchen. He slowly became aware of a loud buzzing in his ears. The kind of buzzing one hears only when it’s much too quiet.

Where was Oliver? Fred didn’t think that he’d leave without telling them, even if it was only to floo home and get his broom. Fred’s eyes fell upon the staircase that separated the kitchen and the living room. Could he have gone upstairs? If he wasn’t downstairs then it was only logical that he must be somewhere on one of the upper levels, but why? And where exactly would he go? The loo? The twins’ room? Percy’s room?

Fred shook his head and snorted at the last thought. Why would he rather go up to Percy’s room then practice Quidditch with him and George? It was ridiculous to even think it. But Oliver was still somewhere in the house and Fred was more then a little curious to find out where. He wondered briefly if perhaps he should go get George, it would make the search go quicker, but in the end he decided it would waste more time going to get him and that looking for Oliver alone was a better idea.

The bottom step creaked loudly as Fred’s foot descended upon it and he froze momentarily at the sudden noise. He didn’t think the steps ever creaked so loudly when other people where around. After a moment he lifted his other foot and placed it on the second step, which to his relief didn’t make as loud a noise as the previous one had.

He made his way up the first few steps quietly then realized there was no need to act like he was sneaking around in his own house and hurried up the rest of the steps to the second floor landing. He surveyed the hallway quickly for any sign that anything was different; finding nothing he went straight to his and George’s closed bedroom door.

His hand had just curled around the doorknob when the sound of whispered voices reached his ears. The voices were barely any louder then the godforsaken buzzing already in his ears and he’d almost missed them. He listened closely and realized that the voices were coming from Percy’s room next door.

Fred turned his head in the direction of Percy’s bedroom and noticed the door was ajar and a sliver of sunlight peaked out across the wooden floor of the landing. Either Percy was talking to himself or he had indeed ambushed Oliver and had somehow gotten him to come upstairs with him. He’d probably found out that Oliver hadn’t started his summer homework yet or something and was lecturing him about the importance of getting an early start.

Fred’s hands balled into fists and he felt his ears warm as he crossed the few feet to Percy’s bedroom door, why couldn’t Percy just mind his own business? Oliver had come over to see the twins not him. Why did he always have to…?

Fred promptly forgot the rant going on in his head as he peered in through the crack in the door, his eyes widened and he felt his ears go warmer. Surely he had to be seeing things. There was absolutely no way that he could be seeing what he thought he was. He closed his eyes figuring that when he opened them the scene in front of him would have changed, but to his horror when he opened them again nothing had changed.

Percy was sprawled out on his back on his bed and Oliver was lying almost on top of him, kissing him hungrily, one hand cupping Percy’s cheek. Percy’s hands were moving up and down Oliver’s back and into his hair.

Fred still couldn’t believe his eyes as he watched them kissing and touching each other completely unaware that he was standing there. Tons of questions crossed Fred’s mind as he watched them: how long? When? Where? Who? Well he knew who, but he didn’t know how long they’d been hiding this or when it had started. If he was going to be perfectly honest with himself, part of him had always suspected Percy was queer: even if he had supposedly been dating that Clearwater girl the previous year. But he never would have suspected Oliver. At school Oliver was always with a different group of girls and always seemed to enjoy the attention. However no matter how hard he thought he couldn’t remember Oliver ever having a girlfriend in all the years they’d known each other.

“You should get back.” He was brought out of his thoughts as Percy’s breathless words reached his ears, “They’re going to come looking for you.”

Oliver lifted his head from Percy’s neck “Don’t care. I haven’t seen you in three weeks.” He resumed placing kisses along Percy’s neck.

“Th…that’s hardly my fault.” Percy tilted his head back against the pillow, his Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed, “I’m not the one who’s spent the last three weeks locked in my room focusing on Quidditch tactics.”

“Oh I know. I’m the worst boyfriend in the world.”

Boyfriend? Exactly how long had they been together? Fred couldn’t remember ever seeing them around Hogwarts together except at meals and then they usually sat across from each other barely saying a word to one another.

Percy laughed and ran his fingers along Oliver’s cheek “Now I never said that, but this isn’t the most opportune time. They could come looking for you at any minute.”

“Can’t we just tell them?” Oliver whined and nuzzled his nose in Percy’s curly red hair, “Then I wouldn’t have to pretend I was coming here to practice Quidditch. I was so excited about getting to see you that I completely forgot to even bring my broom.”

Fred was surprised to hear Percy laugh again; he couldn’t remember the last time he’d heard a genuine laugh from his brother. It actually sounded good.

His laughter was short lived however as Percy brought Oliver’s face to his and kissed him quickly before speaking “If we tell them about us then they’ll ridicule me every chance they get. The things they call me now are bad enough. I can already imagine the names they’ll come up with if I get made Head Boy.”

Fred’s chest constricted slightly as the words washed over him. He’d never actually stopped to think about how much his and George’s taunts and pranks had affected Percy, but now seeing the hurt look on his brother’s face as he talked about it, he realized exactly why Oliver had been so persistent earlier that they give Percy a break.

“Oh, Perce, they wouldn’t tease you about this. I’d make sure of it.” Fred watched Percy’s face relax as Oliver placed kisses along his hairline and temple, “And if they did tease you I’d teach them a lesson and use their heads as Bludgers.”

A small laugh escaped Percy’s lips “No matter what you can always cheer me up. What would I do without you, Oliver?”

The other boy thought for a moment then gazed down at Percy “Well you’d probably become so tightly wound by the end of the year that if one of the twins even looked at you wrong you’d snap and kill them.”

“Oh so they’re the ones benefiting from this relationship then?” Percy quirked an eyebrow at him.

Oliver grinned “Of course. I’m actually starting a group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Twins.”

“A moment ago you said you’d use their heads as Bludgers. How in Merlin’s name is that ethical treatment?” Percy gazed up at Oliver who looked as if he were thinking deeply.

“It’s not as if I’d remove their heads.” Oliver answered finally, “They’d still be attached to their bodies.”

Percy rolled his eyes as a smile crept across his face “I still don’t believe that’s ethical treatment.”

Oliver lowered his head slightly; mere inches separated their lips “Can I hit Bludgers at them then?”

“Still not ethical, Oliver.” Percy stated as their lips met, his fingers clutched the back of Oliver’s neck.

There was no doubt in Fred’s mind that Oliver was capable of inflicting some type of damage upon him or his twin. He knew from experience that when something really upset Oliver he could resort to violence if he needed to. As he watched them he wondered if perhaps he and George should give Percy a break for a while; if for nothing else then to show their brother that they really did care about him. But how would he bring it up to George? He couldn’t exactly tell him what he’d seen; it was one thing for him to accidentally find out they were together, but it was another to deliberately tell George. The twins weren’t very good at keeping secrets from each other, which meant Fred would have to think on it for a while to come up with a plausible explanation as to why they should stop messing with Percy for awhile.

A low moan broke through Fred’s thoughts and his attention returned to his brother and Oliver, whose hand he realized had slipped beneath Percy’s shirt.

“Let me make the last three weeks up to you.” Oliver’s voice was so soft that Fred had almost missed it.

Fred could see Oliver’s hand beneath Percy’s shirt upon his chest causing the shirt to bunch up around his ribs to reveal his pale stomach. He watched Percy close his eyes and nod his head and knew that was his cue to leave. He knew he should leave. He knew that to stay and watch what was about to happen was all kinds of wrong. However he found that he was somehow unable to pull himself away from the scene playing out before him.

Oliver had already rid Percy of his shirt and was kissing and licking down the middle of his chest to his stomach then back up to press his mouth firmly to Percy’s before sliding his lips down the other boy’s jaw and neck.

While Oliver’s mouth was busy on Percy’s neck Fred’s eyes focused on Oliver’s hand as it glided effortlessly down Percy’s side over his slim hips and across the front of his trousers, which caused Percy’s hips to buck up into his palm almost immediately.

Fred found that he suddenly had difficulty swallowing as he watched Oliver begin to work on Percy’s belt one handed. A task Oliver apparently found difficult as not a moment later he sat up, straddling Percy’s knees and tugged at the belt until it came free then hooked his thumbs into Percy’s belt loops while his other fingers curled over the top of the trousers.

Swallowing hard Fred watched as Oliver pulled Percy’s trousers and pants down his thighs in one go, no need to actually unbutton the trousers, as they had once been Bill’s. Fred’s hazel eyes widened considerably as he took in the sight of his brother’s lean, long body; it had been a very long time since he’d seen Percy naked, they’d both been little kids as he recalled. He felt his face heat up as his gaze drifted lower to rest upon Percy’s erect cock, which almost touched his stomach.

His eyes quickly moved to Oliver’s hands, which were caressing Percy’s hips and thighs.

“Oliver….” Percy moaned lifting his head to meet his eyes.

Oliver grinned and licked his lips as he moved to lie between Percy’s legs then lowered his head and began pressing soft kisses to the insides of Percy’s thighs. A moment later Percy moaned incoherently as Oliver ran his tongue up the underside of his cock.

The heat in Fred’s face rapidly moved lower as Oliver pressed his lips to the head before taking Percy’s cock into his mouth. Fred could see the muscles in Oliver’s throat working as he took more of Percy in.

Percy let out a strangled moan, as if he had been trying to hold it back. The long pale fingers of one hand curled tightly into Oliver’s light brown hair while his other hand was clenched in his sheets.

It was then that Fred made a horrifyingly uncomfortable discovery; he was quickly becoming aroused. The heat that had moments ago been blazing in his face now pooled in his groin. He squeezed his eyes shut and bit his bottom lip, trying to think of anything except what was going on in front of him. He found this quite difficult as he could still see them imprinted on the insides of his eyelids: Percy writhing on his bed while Oliver’s head bobbed up and down between his legs. Not only could he still see them even with his eyes closed, but he could still hear them; Percy’s moans and incoherent babble coming more freely now and the wet, slick sounds of Oliver’s mouth on Percy’s cock assaulted his ears.

Fred couldn’t help but let out a small whimper of distress. He knew he shouldn’t be getting turned on by this. It was wrong, very wrong. It was his brother and his friend and it was wrong.

“Fuck, Oliver! Oh…god….” Fred’s eyes snapped over at the sound of Percy’s voice. He had to have been hearing things now, in the entire fifteen years he’d been alive he had never once heard the word ‘fuck’ leave Percy’s prim and proper mouth. There were the occasional ‘bloody hells’ and ‘bollocks’, but never….

“Fuck! Oh, Oliver, please….” Percy panted wantonly.

As Fred looked back at them he could have sworn he saw Oliver smile around Percy’s cock before sliding his hand, which had been resting on Percy’s thigh down between the redhead’s legs. As Percy’s hips lifted off the bed slightly Fred could just barely see Oliver’s hand under Percy’s arse.

“Oliver, I…I’m gonna….” Percy said warningly, his breathing becoming more erratic. A cross between a moan and a whimper passed his lips as Oliver removed his mouth from Percy’s cock with a wet pop and sat back on his heels.

“Not yet.” Oliver pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it to the floor then hastily wiggled out of his jeans and pants, hissing as the material brushed past his own throbbing cock. “Not till I’m buried deep inside you.”

Fred swallowed hard and resisted the urge to shove his hand into his own trousers; he’d seen Oliver naked plenty of times in the locker room, but never quite so aroused. Fred knew that he really should leave now. What if one of them noticed him? What if George chose that moment to come looking for him? What would they think of him then? But as hard as he tried to move he just couldn’t.

“Fuck me, Oliver, please….” Fred was still thinking about how surprising it was to hear the word spill from Percy’s mouth as Oliver leaned over him and pressed their lips together before stretching an arm out and retrieving his wand, or maybe Percy’s, from the nightstand.

Fred’s knees trembled slightly as Oliver sat back and pushed Percy’s knees up then inserted the tip of his wand into Percy’s arse. Fred could see Oliver’s lips moving, but couldn’t hear a word he said, as the only thing Fred could hear now was his own pulse rushing through his ears. Without even realizing he’d done it, Fred had brought one hand down to cup his erection through his trousers as he pressed his other hand flat against the wall to keep himself upright.

Oliver tossed his wand to the floor then positioned himself between Percy’s legs, lifted his hips up slightly, and pushed in slowly. Fred could just barely make out both their mingled moans and groans as Oliver pushed in completely and lay down atop Percy, pressing their bodies together.

Percy’s long fingers clutched at Oliver’s upper arms and he wrapped his legs around his waist as Oliver began thrusting, slow at first then increasing in intensity at Percy’s insistence. A thin layer of perspiration covered both their bodies now and Fred could see that Percy’s hair was plastered to his face and that he’d lost his glasses at some point.

Percy came first, his moan so loud Fred was able to hear it over the throbbing pulse in his ears. Oliver followed soon after, arching his back and calling out Percy’s name as he came.

Fred’s hand slipped on the wall as Oliver laid his head on Percy’s shoulder and closed his eyes. Fred stared at the tangled, sweaty bodies on the bed, his own chest rising and falling rapidly as he took a step away from the door. It was then that he realized the messages from his brain were finally reaching their destination. Without a second thought he turned and bolted into the bathroom across the hall.


Oliver lifted himself up slightly and gazed down at Percy’s flushed face and pressed their lips together. He stroked the redhead’s cheek as he sucked briefly on his lower lip.

“Mmm.” Percy hummed against his lips.

Oliver ran his nose along the length of Percy’s throat and placed a kiss behind his ear then rolled to the side and stretched out beside him, resting his head on his shoulder. “Fred saw us you know.”

“Did he? I thought it was George.” Percy reached for his wand and muttered a cleaning spell.

“Nope it was Fred.” Oliver wrapped his arm around Percy’s waist “Looks like we’re gonna have to tell them after all.”

Percy yawned and with a flick of his wrist the curtains slid shut and the door clicked into place completely, locking as it did so. “Looks like. Not now though.”

Oliver shook his head “No not now. Sleep now.”

“For a little while.” Percy agreed discarding his wand and turning into Oliver’s embrace yawning once again and closing his eyes, “Love you, Oliver.”

“Love you too, Perce.” He kissed Percy’s forehead and pulled him as close as he could.

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