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Hello! :D

Title: Books and Papaer
Author: riotact
Fandom: Harry Potter
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 729
Notes: Erm, I wrote this at 4 am. I felt an urge to write P/O as I never have. It's 100% pure fluffl, so you are forewarned. TWICE. No complaints or I will cut you. Literally, I will find you on the street and cut you with a knife. (XD) I'm sort of iffy on this fic. I'm in between whether I actually like it or not, so I need some second opinion! :D Yay.

Percy sat behind is usual pile of papers and books, they were spread the length and width of his kitchen table. He had his cup of tea perched dangerously on the edge of the table, close enough for him to reach but far enough for if it split most of his papers were safe.

He reached from behind the pile of books to said cup, still reading his paper and consequently spilling the cup of tea, “Oh bugger.” he whispered petulantly. Luckily for him he had pushed it off the table and all papers were safe.

Just then the door burst open and Oliver‘s voice boomed out, “My dear sweet Percy, I have returned to you at last!”

“You went to the store.” Percy replied flatly, from behind the books and papers.

“Percy Weasley, where have you gone? It seems your books have begun talking in your absence.” said Oliver playfully.

“Shut up.” came Percy’s cantankerous reply, standing up and walking toward him anyway.

“Ah, I have found you.” Oliver said, pulling Percy toward him and kissing him lightly, “You really do look a lot better then a pile of dirty old papers.”

“I would say the same about you, but I must get at least half of this done by Sunday.” with that Percy walked back behind his fortress walls of papers and books.

“Oh, come on!” Oliver whined, “Can I have you for more then 2 minutes, please?”

Percy didn’t answer for quite some time and Oliver was beginning to believe he hadn’t even heard him. When he was about to repeat himself, the top part of Percy’s head appeared over the top of the books.

“Would you leave me alone?” he asked, face half concealed and eyebrow quirked.

“For a while, yes.” Oliver said, a smile forming slowly on his face. Realizing that Percy was willing to give in and was asking for a pursuit on the subject, “But, you do have quite a bit of work.” Oliver replied, deciding that he would play with Percy for a bit.

Percy’s face fell, he was hoping that Oliver would push him to give in, “Are you sure? You do realize that I will be working all weekend?”

“Oh, very sure.” replied Oliver sitting on the couch and picking up a random magazine and flipping through, “It’s your job, love, and it must be done.” he looked back at the table and gave Percy the most annoying smile.

Percy grumbled something and sat back down, placing his elbow on the edge of the table and leaning his head against his hand.

“What was that you said?” Oliver chirped.

“Nothing.” Percy mumbled dejectedly.

Percy sat, waiting for Oliver to come over and plead as he always did. But that time never came, he peered around his book pile and looked at the couch, there was Oliver sitting and reading, quite content.

‘Well, bugger him. If he just wants to sit there and not enjoy the time I am so obviously offering him.’ Percy thought, irritably. He went back to his papers and books, finding it quite hard to focus when every other minute he was cursing Oliver for being an enormous prat, or a stupid bint and that he knew he couldn’t be a bint as he was a man, but he still managed it.

After what seemed like hours, Percy gave up. He slunk out from behind his papers and toward the couch, pushing the magazine out of Oliver’s hands and sitting in his lap.

Before Oliver could say anything, Percy put a finger to his mouth, “Shut it, Wood.” he said, leaning forward and kissing him slowly. Pulling away he curled up against Oliver’s wide chest and closed his eyes, “You can be the most horrible wanker sometimes, did you know?”

Oliver chuckled, “I had a faint idea.”

They sat together for a while before either of them spoke, “Percy?”

Oliver waited for a reply, but none came. Looking down at his lover, he seen Percy mouth open and glasses askew, completely asleep, “Percy.” he said a little louder.


“Are you asleep?”

“Not anymore.”


Silence fell between them again, “Perce, still asleep?”

“Snortof.” Percy mumbled.

“Am I really worse then books and paper?”

Percy laughed sleepily, “’Course not you big dolt. I was only saying that to get you to bother me.”

* * *

Sorry to inflict such pain upon you, I apologize.

Can I just say something? OMG. I can't believe this is here, I love it. I love this ship! Yey! I am very happy I found this community as no one I know shares my love for P/O, which is sad. But, now I have you lovely people! :D

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