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more fic delight

Hello. I have more of this story. Thanks for the replies I got everyone!

Title - Delicate Boy
Parts - 2 of 3
Author - Jaxx
Pairing - Percy and Oliver of course
Feedback - yeah go on
Archive - ask and it is yours
Disclaimer - Not real. If only
Rating - PG-13 or a 12 or something. May go up.
Summary - Percy and Oliver meet again at the Quidditch World Cup after a messy break up at the end of their final year at Hogwarts. But the reason why is much more complicated than Percy first realised. What does the future hold for the destined lovers? Ok, I didn't know what to put for a summary. So it ended in cheese. (Oh and there is a hint of Marcus).


Spoilers for Goblet of Fire.

The ending may seem a little off but it will all be explained. I find in the books that not just Percy turned his back on his family but they did it to him too. I have issues with them. Poor Percy. But thats for Chapter 3. Anyway.....

Delicate Boy

Darkest Night

Percy sat up in his bunk. He no longer felt tired. The most sleep he had got was when he had nodded off for a few precious minutes before Ginny spilt her cocoa and their father sent everyone to bed. Sighing, the young man brought his knees up to his chest, rested his chin on them and put his arms around his legs. He just couldn’t stop thinking about him. It was nothing new. Percy spent most of his time thinking about him. No matter how much he tried to immerse himself in his work, his mind always wandered to thoughts of him and as soon as it did he would feel aching pains in his stomach. He couldn’t control his mind from torturing himself.

The noise from outside seemed to be getting louder rather than dying away. Percy knew he wouldn’t be sleeping that night so he decided he would get up. Trying not to wake anyone else up, the young Weasley got out of bed, put his glasses on and poured himself a glass of water. He made his way out of the tent and sat in front of it, calmly watching the night’s sky. He wondered if it was selfish. Deliberately trying to hide from him. But Percy knew he would have made every effort to avoid him as well. There was no reason for them to see each other. And it would only be awkward if they did.

Percy tried to focus on his surroundings more, rather than dwelling on his thoughts and as he did so he noticed a change in the atmosphere. He could hear shouting in the distance. There were other noises as well, but he couldn’t tell what they were. They sounded like fireworks. Standing up, he jogged with bare feet a little down the campsite, further towards the noises. Abruptly he stopped. Percy felt the familiar nervous pains in his stomach. People were screaming and running about not far from him and he blinked thinking his eyes were deceiving him. From what he could tell, masked people were floating muggles above their heads. Percy knew it couldn’t have been his mind playing tricks. He was too awake for that. Instinctively he felt for his wand in his pocket but realised he was still wearing his pyjamas and his wand was in the tent.

‘Shit.’ He cursed. But Percy wondered what he could have done on his own anyway. The young man sprinted back to his tent, trying not to feel scared but finding it very difficult. Inside Percy closed his eyes and tried to calm his breathing. Opening them again, he saw a stirring from one of his brother’s bunks, realising that the noise must have been waking Bill up. Making his way over he shook Bill’s shoulder.

‘hmm?’ Bill turned over and looked up at Percy through sleepy eyes.

‘Wake up.’

Bill’s brow furrowed and he looked at his brother, concern etched on his face at the frightened look on Percy’s face. ‘What’s wrong?’

‘Just get up. Wake everyone up.’

Bill nodded and dragged himself out of bed. Percy went over to his father and woke him also. Percy cleared his throat and spoke as calmly as he could to his father. He explained what he had seen to a wide eyed Arthur Weasley and immediately his father began to give instructions. He wanted Bill, Charlie and Percy to help him to find out what was going on and he wanted the younger ones to head for the woods and to keep safe.

When Percy had changed quickly and told Charlie and Bill about what he had seen, the three left the tent, their wands ready. Outside, the commotion was getting closer and the situation more desperate. He could see the disgust on Ron’s face and the worry in Ginny’s eyes. She turned her eyes to where Percy, Charlie and Bill were.

‘Be careful.’ She told them.

Percy smiled reassuringly and turned to run with the others towards the muggle family.

Heading closer to the danger, Percy felt a sudden pain in his chest. His feet stopped and his breathing quickened.


He was barely aware of his father running passed him but he saw Bill stop and turn to look for him.

‘Percy! Come on.’ He shouted.

‘I can’t.’ He whispered as an explanation.

‘What?’ Bill asked, not hearing his brother or understanding why he had stopped. But he saw the look of shock in his brother’s eyes, the pain etched on his young face.

‘I have to find him. I have to make sure he’s alright.’

Percy didn’t have time to explain, he could feel the pain in his chest growing from panic realising that anything could have happened to him. He turned quickly and ran towards the woods, knowing that Bill would not be able to follow him as he had to help the Ministry.

Percy saw dark figures running through the woods as he made his way amongst the trees, but they were all too faraway to determine who they were. He stopped and squinted, trying hard to see through the blackness, his chest rising quickly up and down. Percy walked around, searching, for what seemed to him like an eternity. He felt dizzy. Percy leant against a large tree and closed his eyes taking a deep breath. He knew this was pointless. Searching for him. Searching for Oliver, in a dark wood with hysterical wizards running around, while he too was steadily becoming frantic. He knew it was pointless and that Oliver was most likely ok. But what if he wasn’t? Percy needed to know.

He gripped the tree behind him for support as he felt his self-control waver with worry. He bit his lip hard, feeling a lump forming in his throat, as he willed some sort of control. Percy Wealsey did not cry.

Percy then felt two strong hands grasp his shoulders.

‘Ollie?’ Percy said, opening his eyes and looking up in surprise.

Percy’s world shattered at that moment.

‘I saw you. I followed you in here. I need to talk to you.’ Marcus Flint whispered desperately, close to Percy’s face.

Percy just stared, feeling numb. How could this happen to him? Why was the world so cruel?

‘Percy?’ the dark young man asked, almost sounding concerned. ‘Percy…please…’

‘Get off!’ Percy shouted, pushing his hands against the other man’s chest and throwing him off and away from him with all his might.

Marcus stumbled back and fell into someone else, surprised he regained his balance and spun around quickly to face the new figure.

Percy was shocked. He never expected to see him, or find him or actually to be found. Percy didn’t know whether to feel joy or terror. Joy from seeing him, finding him, knowing that he was ok. Or terror from not knowing what to say or what to do. But that didn’t matter. Oliver was ok. And there he stood. Oliver was standing just a few feet away from him, with barely controlled rage. Shock prevented Percy from moving. Even in the darkness he could see the anger in Oliver’s eyes.

Marcus’ back was to Percy so he couldn’t see how he was reacting, but Percy was too focussed on Oliver to care. He had never seen him so angry before. He had certainly seen him angry and upset before now, but this was different. Oliver was shaking with rage, and his eyes hid nothing. His eyes showed pure anger and they were locked on Marcus.

Neither Marcus nor Percy had time to react as Oliver’s control broke. Percy managed a shout from shock as Oliver’s fist struck Marcus’ face. Marcus bent down clutching his face in his hands and all the movement and commotion gave Percy a little strength. He pushed himself off the tree and rushed in between the others before Oliver could hit the larger man again. Instead of stopping Oliver’s actions, Percy found himself forced to the floor as he gave another cry, this time from pain and shock combined. Oliver had been too far enraged to stop himself and notice that Percy was in front of him and not Marcus.

His head bowed and crouched on the floor, Percy barely noticed stumbling footsteps running away as he carefully cupped his nose in one hand and felt around his left eye with the other. Touching his cheek was a mistake and he winced from pain and how tender it felt. Percy knew he bruised easily. Percy moved his legs slightly so that he was sitting on his knees and he took his other hand away from his nose and saw it covered with blood, mixed with his tears.

Percy stared at his hands, still in shock, but suddenly became aware of his surroundings. He looked up quickly hoping that the figure standing above him was Oliver and that the one he had heard run away had been Marcus.

Percy wanted to smile at seeing Oliver standing above him but couldn’t from pain. And then he registered the look on Oliver’s face. Percy saw pain and disbelief in his dark brown eyes.

‘Oliver?’ Percy said, reaching out with his bloody hand. Percy’s breathing quickened as Oliver stepped backwards. ‘it…..it was an accident….’

Percy could still see the guilt and pain on Oliver’s face even in the dark, as the shocked young man continued to slowly step backwards. Oliver was steadily moving away from Percy. Percy felt pains in his chest once again, this time much worse.

‘You can’t….Oliver…’ he whispered. Oliver said nothing but he continued backwards. ‘…don’t..’

Percy clumsily stood up but Oliver turned and fled. Percy tried to run after him, but he was dizzy and unsteady on his feet.

‘Oliver!’ he shouted after him. ‘Don’t leave me!’

Percy continued to try and follow Oliver but he could no longer see him. He had no idea where his glasses were, realising they must have been knocked off his face. And Oliver had disappeared into the blackness of the woods and out of Percy’s life as quickly and briefly as he had come back into it.

‘Oliver….’ Percy’s voice was failing him as he tried to call out. His legs were shaking. He stopped trying to chase after Oliver, stood still and used all his energy to try and speak.

‘Please…’ Percy whispered desperately trying to swallow the lump in his throat and he brushed away at the tears and blood on his face. ‘….please don’t leave me.’

Percy couldn’t believe it had happened again. The world was so cruel. The pain was unbearable.

Inside his chest hurt and Percy could only see black. His body gave up supporting him and Percy collapsed to the floor in a dead faint. Percy never noticed the huge, green skull that had appeared in the night’s sky at that very moment.


Percy became aware of cold hands on his face and he felt the hard earth underneath him. Percy groaned from pain and realising that he must have fainted. Trying to get his muggy thoughts clear in his head, he painfully tried to open his eyes, hoping that Oliver had come back for him.

‘Percy?’ a concerned voice asked. ‘Percy…you alright? Wake up.’

Percy managed to partly open his eyes but his vision was blurred. He blinked in frustration and eventually a red head hovering above him came into focus.


‘What?…no….its George.’ The red head replied confused. The twin then turned his head to the side away from Percy. ‘He never mixes us up.’

Percy felt the familiar pain in his chest. He sobbed, realising Oliver had not come back for him.

George turned his head back at the heartbreaking sounds from his brother. He did the first instinctive thing that came to him and he pulled Percy up by his shoulders and held him next to his chest in his arms.

Percy brought his own arms around his brother and held him tight. He continued to cry and he felt the presence of two more people beside him. One placed a tentative but comforting hand on his back and the other smaller figure, Ginny, wrapped her own arms around Percy.

Percy’s crying became quieter. He tried to control his breathing and calm his thoughts. He was so grateful for the twins’ and Ginny’s kindness and affection, it was comforting. He needed it. But he began to realise that he didn’t know how he was going to explain this. Why he wasn’t with Bill, Charlie and his father, and why he was in the woods with blood on his face.

‘My…my glasses.’ Percy said, detaching himself from George’s arms.

‘I’ve got them.’ Fred said from behind him. George and Ginny helped Percy to his feet. Percy kept his eyes to the ground, not wanting to look at his siblings or see worry in their eyes. Percy was too scared of crying again.

‘They were broken. They were back there.’ Fred told him, pointing in no particular direction of the woods. ‘I fixed them.’

He smiled a little and held out Percy’s glasses for him.

Percy tried his best to smile back. He shakily took his glasses from his brother’s hand. ‘I’m surprised you can do that.’ He muttered, wiping his face with his robe sleeve and placing the glasses on his face.

Fred and George chuckled a little, easing the atmosphere. ‘We’ve had to do that many times with your glasses before now.’

Percy arched his eyebrow in particular Percy fashion. He didn’t wish to know how many times the twins had broken his glasses.

‘We should go back to the tents.’ Ginny said quietly, worry still etched on her face.

Percy and the twins nodded. George put his arm around Percy, steadying him as they made there way back to the tents. Fred was holding Ginny’s hand as they walked a little further in front. Nobody said anything as they walked. At one point Percy’s nose began to bleed again and he brought his long cloak sleeve up to his face to cover his nose with.

Finally reaching the tent and stepping inside, Percy saw Bill and Charlie rush over to them to check they were ok.

Seeing Percy’s face, Charlie held him out to inspect him.

‘Percy, what happened?’ he asked concerned.

Percy shrugged, keeping his head bowed. Charlie dragged him over to the small kitchen table and sat him down next to it.

‘Let me look.’ He said, taking Percy’s hand away from his face and inspecting his bruised eye and bloody nose. Charlie hissed. ‘Ow. Bet that hurts.’ And the second oldest Weasley brother found some tissues and held them to Percy’s nose. ‘Pinch it.’ He ordered. ‘Lean forward. It’s nearly stopped.’

Percy could hear Bill asking the others what had happened and if they were ok.

George’s voice was shaking slightly as he answered as he told Bill they had found Percy on the floor in the woods.

‘Percy?’ Bill asked, moving closer to him.

‘I…I must have fallen. Or someone pushed me over. Then all I remember is Fred, George and Ginny finding me.’ He said quietly.

‘Ok. You’ll be ok. As long as you’re alright.’

Percy nodded and looked up from the floor. He saw Bill’s arm, and blood coming from a wound.

‘What happened?’ he asked shocked. His eyes were wide and he looked up and down Bill to check the rest of him was uninjured. Seeing that it was just his arm, he turned and checked Charlie sitting opposite him. Charlie’s shirt was ripped.

Percy found his breathing quickening again. How could he be so stupid. And selfish. His brothers were hurt. He should have been with them instead of being foolishly wandering about the woods. Percy stood up suddenly and swayed a little. Bill caught him and Percy steadied himself. Taking a deep breath he pulled Bill with him towards his bed and pulled at the bed sheet. Bill helped him to take it off and Percy began to clumsily wrap it around his brother’s injured arm.

‘Here…I’ll do that.’ Bill said, and he took Percy back with him to the table next to Charlie and sat him down on the chair like Charlie had done.

Percy looked around him. He saw his two older brother’s hurt and the twins and Ginny shaken up. The twins sat holding Ginny in their arms. Bill and Charlie hovered protectively over him. Percy looked down guiltily. Percy Weasley was selfish.

Percy decided he would ignore the pain in his chest. The pain that was Oliver Wood. He decided at that moment that he would do what he had tried to do a long time ago. This time he would succeed. He would forget Oliver. Percy would forget everything about him and that he had ever known him. Percy Weasley would work to forget and not stop working if he had to. He would never desert his family in times of need again.

end of part 2

Hope thats ok everyone. Off to bed now. zzzzz.


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