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P/O Fic delight

Hello! This is my first post here. Have mainly been a lurker but have been reading and enjoying.

As a newbie present I thought I would send the first part of a fic I wrote.

I haven't been very involved in this fandom or with Percy and Oliver for a while, but I'm hoping my love will grow for them again. They are still very special to me. Love 'em. Ok, enjoy.

Title - Delicate Boy
Parts - 1 of 3
Author - Jaxx
Pairing - Percy and Oliver of course
Feedback - yeah go on
Archive - ask and it is yours
Disclaimer - Not real. If only
Rating - PG-13 or a 12 or something. May go up.
Summary - Percy and Oliver meet again at the Quidditch World Cup after a messy break up at the end of their final year at Hogwarts. But the reason why is much more complicated than Percy first realised. What does the future hold for the destined lovers? Ok, I didn't know what to put for a summary. So it ended in cheese. (Oh and there is a hint of Marcus).


Thought it only fair that we had some Percy/Oliver lovin' after how they were none existent in the film. So have written them back in!

(I began writing this before the fifth book was out so the end of chapter two doesn't really fit but I will try and make chapter 3 work eventually).

Delicate Boy

Darkest Day/Smart Robes

Percy had been staring at his reflection for longer than he could remember. His appearance was immaculate from head to toe. The dark shirt and trousers, covered by a perfectly ironed dark cloak hid his small frame. He was glad that his mirror was not commenting on his robes again. He had specifically pleaded with it not to. Percy knew that he now had robes that weren’t grey and tatty from years of wear and tear that the Weasley brothers were accustomed to from their hand-me downs. He did not need to be reminded by a mirror. He was not selfish. He just needed to be respectable in his line of work. The ministry needed respected and smart employees. The new robes had been out of his own wages. Percy was not selfish. Just responsible.

The young man closed his eyes and sighed. Today was going to be a long day. He had no love for Quidditch. Not any more. He wished for the day to be over as soon as possible. A slight knock at the door alerted Percy to someone else’s presence entering the room. Percy turned to find Charlie leaning against the door looking at his younger brother.

‘We’re ready when you are.’ Charlie told him, referring to himself and Bill who were waiting to Apparate with him. Percy nodded and turned to pick up his wand from his bed-side table, not missing seeing his brother roll his eyes in the reflection of his mirror as he left the room. Percy bit his lip and stared after him. He tried not to dwell on the fact that everybody found him annoying. That his family hated him.

‘Now don’t you think about that dear.’ Percy’s mirror said shocking him out of his thoughts. ‘It's brotherly love. Now go off and have a good time.’

Percy fled the room before his mirror had a chance to try and comfort him further. He slowed and regained his composure. Percy Weasley would not be affected by what other people thought of him. With this in mind he was still not prepared at hearing his name being mentioned as he walked down the stairs to the kitchen. Percy abruptly stopped and listened, holding his breath to hear the voices clearly.

‘…he just nodded at me. Not, ‘ok, that’s great, I’m on my way, thanks Charlie.’’ He heard his brother say. Percy could see in his mind the annoyed look on his brother’s face. ‘I’m not kidding Bill, he’s stuck-up.’

‘Charlie!’ Bill warned. Percy was unsure whether Bill was shutting his brother up in case he thought Percy could hear or if he was genuinely annoyed at the comment. He decided that that was the moment to make an appearance and to stop any further conversation with himself as the main subject.

Percy continued down the stairs and pretended to be ignorant of the slight guilty looks on his brother’s faces. ‘Ready.’ He announced. Bill smiled and the three brothers turned at the entrance of their mother into the kitchen from the garden.

‘Wait! You can’t go without your mother kissing you goodbye!’ the red haired woman told them. ‘Have a wonderful time boys.’ She said, hugging them each in tern from oldest to youngest.

‘You’re all grown up now Percy dear.’ She said looking proudly at Percy as she held him out at arms length. Percy blushed involuntarily. ‘And you Apparate so well.’ The Weasley family trait allowed for Percy to blush even more. He couldn’t help thinking that this particular family trait affected him worst than everyone else.

‘Let him go mum.’ Bill laughed. Percy smiled appreciatively and kissed his mother on the cheek as he said his goodbye.


As soon as Percy felt his feet on the ground of the wood he was Apparating to, he looked around quickly his heart beating fast. Percy prayed that he wouldn’t see him today. It was unlikely, there were so many people attending the World Cup, but it would just be his luck if he bumped into him.

‘We’re here!’ Charlie said excitedly.

‘So we are.’ Percy replied, inwardly wincing at almost how patronising that sounded. Percy quickly walked out of the woods and towards where he new the Weasley tents would be, all the while imagining the look that Bill and Charlie were giving each other behind his back. Percy spied his father by a fire with the twins, Ginny, Ron, Harry and Hermione. He quickly made his way over, Charlie and Bill following, with only the intention of saying hello and retreating in the tent where no-one could see him.

‘Just Apparated, Dad.’ Said Percy loudly. Out of the corner of his eye he could see the looks Fred and George were giving him at how he was showing off. He decided to change the subject. ‘Ah, excellent, lunch!’ he said spying the sausages. In truth, Percy was not excited by the prospect of lunch. He knew that the little that he would eat he would probably throw back up. Percy blamed it on his nerves. The butterflies in his stomach that he felt at the thought of seeing him there.

Percy didn’t join in anyone’s conversation during lunch. He sat quietly, not touching his food, trying hard not to think about what he would say to the one person he didn’t want to see, or just couldn’t see. He had no idea what he would say.

His thoughts were interrupted by his father’s voice. Percy looked up to see Ludo Bagman standing by his father. Percy didn’t particularly like the man, but he thought he would be respectful to a superior. The young man made his way over to Bagman and shook hands with the large man. Arthur introduced him and the others, fumbling over Fred and George, and Percy knew that Bagman had taken no notice of him. Realising that this made no change, everybody ignored Percy, the young man focussed on how his father actually seemed proud. He had made a point to say that Percy was working for the Ministry, and Percy knew his father was pleased someone was following in his footsteps. That’s why Percy had got a job at the Ministry. So his father would be proud.

For the rest of the time leading up to the match, Percy decided to focus his mind on making good impressions when he could, being responsible and rebuking Fred and George whenever possible. So much dedication and enthusiasm was put into this that Percy’s efforts seemed a little over the top. Percy found himself in a number of embarrassing situations, at one point he had bowed to the Minister of Magic, of course his glasses had fallen off his face and he had had to utter a discreet oculus repairo, feeling his cheeks and the back of his neck burning from the whole event.

Percy wanted to disappear. Knowing this wouldn’t be too difficult, he sat at the edge of the Top Box next to Bill, knowing that his eldest brother would most likely not give him any grief or attempt to talk to him at all. Bill smiled at him as he sat down and the long red haired Weasley turned back to Charlie on his other side and they continued their conversation about the Bulgarian Keeper. Percy at one time would have joined in the conversation, but his love for Quidditch, although never obvious, was completely gone now. He remembered letting his feelings show after a match once. His last year at Hogwarts, when he thought nothing could go wrong. Percy remembered jumping with glee and congratulating the house team, his brothers and the captain. He had felt so excited and proud. He remembered holding him. He remembered loving him.

Percy jumped as something heavy fell in his lap.

‘Here.’ Bill said, after the event, meaning the Omnioculars that he had just dropped onto his brother’s knees. ‘Have these. It’ll stop me looking at those Veela.’

Percy’s brow furrowed. ‘What Veela?’

Bill looked back confused almost bewildered. ‘How could you not notice?’

Percy shrugged, wishing he had never made the comment, knowing it was the wrong thing to say.

‘Percy? You ok?’ Bill asked, looking concerned.

‘Of course. Why wouldn’t I be?’ Percy asked defensively, straightening his back and looking out onto the pitch to avoid his brother’s gaze.

Bill was about to reply but was interrupted by the Irish Team Mascots. His eldest brother’s attention was then drawn towards the youngest brother. Bill seemed to be laughing that Ron thought he had acquired a small fortune from some Leprechauns. Percy just rolled his eyes.

Percy paid little attention to the match. He found his mind wandering again, much to his own mind’s protests. Fiddling the Omnioculars, Percy wondered if he could maybe find him in the crowd. He decided against it. The crowd was too big. And somebody would notice that he was looking into the crowd and not watching the game. Namely Bill.

Percy closes his eyes when Bill nudged him. The younger brother opened his eyes and arched an eyebrow in question, showing irritation.

‘What’s wrong?’



‘Bill….Quidditch just isn’t my thing.’

Bill actually laughed at that. ‘That’s a lie.’

Percy didn’t reply. He knew his brother was aware he used to love watching Quidditch. Even if Percy never did make it public knowledge. And Bill knew that even none Quidditch lovers would be excited at the prospect of watching the Final of the World Cup with the best seats in the stadium to boost.

Bill left Percy alone for the rest of the match. His older sibling was too engrossed in the sport and cheering with Charlie and Ginny to pay any more attention to a rigid and non-communicative Percy. When the match was finally over and cheering became even louder, Percy sighed in relief. He felt small arms wrap themselves around his neck. Craning his neck he realised Ginny was hugging him from the seat behind. She squeezed him, jumped up and down and Percy found himself smiling and hugging her back. As soon as he did though, Ginny moved on to hug Charlie and Bill. Percy felt a little disappointed with the loss of contact. He had been surprised but happy that somebody had actually hugged him. And Percy was glad it was from his sister. He loved Ginny and knew there wasn’t a bad bone in her body.

Percy straightened and brushed down his clothes and decided that he would be the first one to leave the box. He wanted to get out. He could now go back to the tent, make enough small talk to make sure nobody accused him of being miserable and then he could try to sleep. There would be little chance of seeing him now. He just had to make it through the night.


Percy breathed in deeply attempting to calm himself. Somehow he had managed to get himself lost on the way back to the campsite from the stadium. With the noise, crowds, celebrations and Percy’s lack of concentration, he had wandered off from his family and didn’t know where he was. It was dark and Percy shivered from the slight cold. Firstly he needed to get his bearings. Spying some small souvenir stalls, Percy made his way over and stood around the back of one of the small tents. Taking out his wand with the intention of finding North, the young man stopped before he could say ‘point me’ as he felt the presence of another standing in front of him. Looking up Percy was met with the sight of someone he had hoped he would never have to see again since he had graduated Hogwarts.

‘Not lost are you Weasley?’ the dark man’s low voice asked.

‘What?….no.’ Percy stopped staring and tried to regain his composure. ‘Flint, as much as I would like to say it is nice seeing you, it isn’t. I must be going.’

With that, Percy turned away from Marcus Flint and took a step away. Percy’s escape was stopped by the larger man grabbing his arm with his large hand and pulling Percy towards him.

Percy was shocked. ‘Let go.’ He ordered, his voice sounding shakier than he intended. Marcus stared for a while, not saying anything, the hand on Percy’s arm showing no indication of letting go. Percy’s arm began to ache and he was becoming quite nervous. ‘Marcus…’ he warned, his voice almost pleading.

‘Do you know why I did it? Why I really did it?’ the larger man asked finally.

Percy knew what this was about. This encounter with Flint was about discussing what had ruined Percy’s life. Percy was having none of it.

‘Let me go now, or I will not hesitate in hexing you.’ Percy told him, gaining a little courage.

Marcus chuckled a little and shook his head. ‘Perfect Percy….’

‘Shut up.’ Percy said pulling his arm away, trying to free it from the other man’s grasp.

‘Aren’t you even curious?’ Marcus asked, tightening his grip on the smaller man’s arm. Percy would almost say that Flint looked desperate. ‘I could tell you why…..’

‘I don’t care! It makes no difference. You ruined my life. Let me go!’ Percy shouted, struggling again, using his other hand to try and tear away Marcus’ hand from his aching arm.

Marcus continued to hold on. ‘Please….’


Both Marcus and Percy turned their heads to the corner of the tent where another Weasley stood. Marcus immediately let go.

‘What’s going on?’ Bill asked.

Percy couldn’t reply but took the opportunity and walked quickly over to his brother, putting distance from himself and Flint.

Marcus Flint stood speechless.

Bill took a step towards Flint, an angry look on his face. ‘I’m sorry.’ Flint said quietly and he fled quickly, turning and running around from the back of the tent and into the crowds where he could disappear.

The older Weasley turned towards his brother. ‘Percy?’ he asked, concern in his voice.

Percy had no idea how he was going to explain this. He didn’t understand himself.
The younger man stared at the floor. He then felt two comforting hands on his shoulders.

‘Are you ok?’

Percy nodded and smiled, lifting his head but still not looking into his brother’s eyes.

‘Did he hurt you?’

‘No’ Percy said quickly, feeling the dull ache in his arm, knowing that he bruised easily.

Bill nodded. ‘If you’re sure.’

‘Thank you, yes.’

‘Who was that? What was going on?’

Percy closed his eyes and bit his lip. ‘Someone I knew at school. Just a bully. Don’t even know what he wanted. You found me first.’

Bill sighed with relief and smiled. ‘Ok good.’ And with that he wrapped his arms around his slightly smaller brother. Percy brought up his own arms and leaned into the embrace. He didn’t think about how unusual this brotherly affection was, he was just happy for it. He needed it. Percy tried to control his shaking but knew that Bill could feel it. His older brother rubbed his back soothingly.

‘Come on.’ Bill said as he kept an arm around his brother’s shoulder and guided Percy back to their tent. Percy was thankful that their walk back was silent. He barely registered how off course he had gone when he had gotten lost. He said a silent thanks that Bill had found him when he did.

Just before entering the tent, Percy stopped his brother. ‘Thank you.’ He told him quietly. Bill nodded, understanding.

Arthur Weasley glanced up at their entrance. ‘Are you both ok? Percy where did you go?’ he asked concerned.

‘Sorry Dad. Got a little lost.’ Percy said meekly, and he heard Fred and George snickering at his comment. Percy ignored them, much to everyone’s surprise, and he and Bill sat down with everyone else in the tent. Ginny poured him and Bill some hot cocoa. They thanked her and Percy gripped onto the hot cup, warming his hands. Everyone continued their conversations, speaking animatedly about the match. Bill smiled at him and Percy smiled back and looked down into his cup of cocoa.

The voices in the tent eventually became jumbled. He was aware that his father and Charlie seemed to be having a good natured argument over something. Percy’s head began to droop and his eyes closed. A small crash made Percy more aware of his surroundings. He looked up and saw Ginny asleep, her cup of cocoa spilled. That was the point that Arthur made everyone go to sleep. The girls made their way to the next tent and the rest of the Weasley’s and Harry readied themselves for bed. Percy felt comfortable in his bunk. He felt so glad that the day was finally over. It had gone from bad to worse, topped off with meeting the only person in the world Percy actually hated. At least he hadn’t seen him. The one person he had been avoiding all day and ever since he left school.


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