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Okay. Here's a fic for you all. Just to tide you over for awhile. cheers.

Summary: Percy is convinced his relationship with Oliver had to come to an end but someone has another idea.

Taken for granteded
Summary: Percy is convinced his relationship with Oliver had to come to an end but someone has another idea. Short fic. On shot. (p/o slash)

An:// Just a one shot fic. I had the idea in my mind and well my fingers just started changing the words and this is what came of it. Cheers!

Disclaimers: I don't own any of the characters in this fic otherwise it would be in a book with my name on it. heh. I warn you now that this is a slash fic and that if you don't like slash you should get to hell. no I'm just kidding, but if you don't like slash and just go to flame me there will be serious murder by my friend Frank the easter bunny. ^-^ So enjoy the Percy and Oliver goodness and spread the love.

Taken for granteded.

Oliver waited by the clock for any sign of Percy. He had heard rumors that he didn't want to believe were true. Something along the lines of Percy and his new girlfriend. It couldn't be true. His only love couldn't be cheating on him could he?
The clock's hands changed telling him it was nearly passed midnight. Glaring towards the ground he waited patiently for the red head to emerge. When finally he did Oliver quickened his pace rushing at Percy from behind and grabbing him by the air.
"Is this your idea of fun!" he hissed into Percy's ear as he dragged him along towards the nearest alleyway.
"What are you talking about Oliver.." Percy was clearly confused from his voice.
"I'm talking about them. Percy. You told me I was the only one and I come home to find the daily prophet telling me otherwise." He turned to the alley and walked a little ways before pushing Percy against the wall.
"How can you do this to me? What happened to the Percy I feel in love with?" the words tumbled out of his mouth before he could take them back.
Percy stared blankly at him. "Oliver really, I have no idea what in Merlins name your talking about."
Oliver glared at him. "You know perfectly well what I'm talking about. Don't lie to me."
His blue eyes darted back and forth as he tried to make sense of what Oliver was asking him.
"You went to see some girl didn't you. That's why you didn't come home right after work. The newspaper was right." his voice cracked as he admitted he had known once again.
Percy sighed. "I didn't."
"Don't lie." Oliver exclaimed, pressing closer. "I know you went to see her. What's wrong? Am I not good enough for you? Can't satisfy yourself with someone who's just like you that you had to find another? Are you ashamed of me? of us?"
"I'm not ashamed of you Oliver. I love you.-" but Percy was cut short by Olvier.
"Love me?" Oliver spat. "You never gave a damn about me when you did this. What was it after I started becoming interested you just tagged along for the ride? What is love to you Percy. It's just a word that you think has no meaning but to reasure me."
"Oliver don't be like that. I do love you, right down to the bottom of my heart," Percy looked around to see if there was anyone around them. "But can't we talk about this inside. I really want to get home now before dark."
"It's already dark Percy. That must have slipped your mind too while you were fucking her." The words poured out of Oliver bitterly.
"I was not...well you get the idea."
His glare became more intesnse and Percy found himself wishing he had never gone anywhere. Maybe this relationship was all wrong. Oliver was to possesive of him and couldn't stand Percy going out to talk with a friend or even a family member without telling him.
"I'm so sure of that," Oliver snapped. "You've been gone almost seven hours. Said you would be back around dinner time and you never came. Percy, we usually have dinner at 6 not midnight."
Percy licked his lip, trying to think of a way to word this for Oliver to understand.
Oliver however caught this action. "You want to run back. Away from me isn't that it. I'm juat some stupid idiot for loving you."
His concentration was completely thrown off. "Oliver stop this nonescense this instant. It's radiculous."
"Radiculous but true isn't it. Hard to swollow the truth when your faced with it."
"Oliver stop this. It's just stupid. It's not because of you. It's just....oh never mind. I'm sorry you thought something was happening but there is nothing." Once his position had been stated Percy sighed and continued. "You don't hate me for leaving that long do you?"
The scottish boy took a step back. "No, I don't hate you Percy. I just wish you would open up and talk to me once in awhile. I'm here you know that. You don't always have to run away for anwsers."
He would have been under any other circumstances relieved to hear this but what had happened while he was at home was another story. This was the first time Percy had ever felt this way about another human male or female.He had been so consumed in world that he wasn't able to enjoy things he wanted to in life. It wasn't so bad at first. Usually he would exchange his time and effort and be rewarded with praise and even a higher position but then sore and acheing he wold make his way home late at night to no one. That was when Oliver had shown up. They had merely been out together a few times after Oliver had first run into him before things started to change and they had begun dating secretly. Percy being quite taken with him had started to open up, but when it came to admitting he was gay his mouth was shut and Oliver was nothing more then a friend. But his longing for the quidditch player grew and he soon found himself asking Oliver to move in and board with him. Oliver of course was exstatic about the whole arrangement and had agreed and within almost three weeks the two were sleeping in the same bed with the blinds closed tightly so no one would notice.Yet now he couldn't find it in himself to tell Oliver the truth. How could he tell Oliver the truth without making the boy feel as if he had betrayed him. But he had to do this for the sake of Olivers future and his own.
"Oliver I love you, and there is nothing more then that. Heck if you hadn't come along I would probably be dead around now. Your the best thing that happened to me ever...." Percy paused.
"I just don't know if this will work out anymore."
The words crushed Oliver's heart. He didn't think things were so bad that Percy was willing to leave him for them.
"I-I don't think we should see each other anymore."
"No..."the words had come out of nesessity and Oliver couldn't keep them in. His Percy was leaving him.
Percy blinked away the tears behind his glasses. "Some things were just never meant to be Oliver." 'though I do love you, more then I've ever loved anything in my whole life. so why am I doing this? I'm doing it because I don't want to hurt him that's why.'
Oliver let a low whimper out as he couldn't say anything more. He wanted too but it was impossible.
"I...I have to go." Percy turned away from him and ran as fast as he could. He couldn't look back and see Oliver's face. He couldn't confirm his one chance at happiness shattered to bits. He had to get away from here. He had to return to where this whole thing had started. His parents.
If they hadn't made him feel so dirty about it all then he wouldn't have had the need to say it. Arthur had told him to break it off because the wizarding world wasn't as open as the muggle one and he would just end up losing every other chance to be happy.
His parents instead of being supportive of him had decided to crush all his happiness. Oliver must have read the article. Arthur had been spreading rumours around that Percy was seeing a very nice women and was soon going to ask her to marry him, but in truth the only person Percy wanted to marry was Oliver.
He slowed down so that he was just walking now and wiped his face clear of the tears. He had to talk to someone but there was no one to talk to. So deciding that the only thing he could do now was go home that's exactly what he did.
Percy disapprated into the living room of The Burrow and looked about himself. He was still tearing up and didn't think he could take his families ridicule once again so hoping against hope he entered the kitchen. To his horror his parents were sitting down at the table discussings something amoung themselves.
When they noticed Percy enter they were quite. Arthur looked at his cup and kept his gaze away from Percy at all times as Molly looked up at him forcing a smile.
"Percy dear, your...your home?" she questioned trying to come up with a reason he should be.
Percy nodded slowly then looked at the table. "I'm not usually this late getting home but I don't see it as a problem anymore." The words were cruel. How could he call Oliver a problem.
His father's gaze turned to him. "No. going to visit Oliver then. You were practically living with each other."
Arthur's tone was angry as he said the words leaving Percy helpless against yet another attack on his sexuality.
Turning his head to face his father's eyes he said. "Oliver and I won't be seeing each other...." his voice cracking as the tears started to well up in his eyes. "I-I broke up with him for your convenience."
With that Percy marched out of the kitchen and towards his room. He wanted to die as he opened the door and slammed it behind himself. There was no point living without happyness and Oliver was Percy's happyness. He was the only thing keeping Percy alive. Percy flung himself onto the bed and let his tears fall. That final moment with Oliver yesterday the only thing he could remember.
Oliver had gotten up and danced for him before laughing so hard he had to fall back on the bed. Those were the times Percy wanted to remember. He wished for nothing more then one thing in the world to make him happy and now all hopes he would be able to keep that one thing had vanished just like his fathers love.
"I just wish I...I could take back all those horrible things," Percy moaned into his pillow. "Then maybe I could have a second chance with him."
There was a knock at the door and Molly entered without Percy's permission. She looked at him crying into a pillow and walked over to him.
"Percy dear, your father was only thinking what was best for you." she said rubbing his back.
Percy let his face come out from the pillow and took a breath of air.
"He just doesn't want you called names and thrown around because of what you...."
"What I am." Percy finished for her. "I'm gay, and he can't take that."
Molly hesitated before nodding. "Your father's always had a thing about sticking to what was normal and what's proper."
Percy wanted to scream. "What is normal? What is proper? Just because I'm attracted to men doesn't men I'm no less of a human. The Ministry doesn't seem to mind it as much as he thinks they do."
"But Percy, your both men. That's just not normal. We have females and males for a reason you must know."
He glared at the wall. "Isn't love normal. Can't someone be in love and not have to hide it from anyone? I love Oliver and I gave him up because of what everyone else thought. Everyone else thought it wasn't normal."
She was silent, then, "You....really love that boy don't you."
Percy nodded, not trusting his voice to say anymore but he couldn't help but confirm it. "Yes, cause when you love someone, you love them. I gave up the only person in the whole world who ever really made me happy and for what? So I could get a better job."
He knew now that it had been a mistake but there was no going back. Oliver was probably already with another, someone on his hidden list.
But to Percy's surprise Molly started to cry as well. "My little boy." she reached out and hugged him close to her.
"If you love him so much," she whispered. "Why did you give him up."
"Because I care about you as well." he whimpered, wiping at the new tears.
Molly pulled away from him and rested a hand on either shoulder. "Percy, even though I don't agree with your sexuality, I still love you and I still want you to be happy. I'm sure your father will come around eventually."
Once she said that she pulled him back into her arms and started to rock him soothingly.
"I'm glad someone has finally seen that my boy is special."
Percy woke up the next day and reached out infront of him for Oliver's body but it wasn't there. Confused at first he felt around before opening his eyes. He was at the Burrow, in his old room, in his bed, alone. Then all that he remembered from the previous night came flooding back to him and he had to lay down before getting sick.
It was nearly lunch when he felt he was able to stand without falling over lightheaded or stop the crying that had started to flow once again.
Walking towards the bathroom he looked in the mirror at his reflection almost drowned by it. Why did he have to be a Weasley? What if he had never broken up with Oliver? There were too many questions to even care and in a few seconds he just walked out and downstairs everything out of place.
The house seemed empty as he reached the bottom step. He couldn't even remember what had happened after he had slammed his door last night. It was almost like he had been drinking but without the bitter after taste.
Stepping into the kitchen he froze. Oliver was sitting at the table watching Molly cook something. Arthur was no where to be seen and Percy figured he had taken off when Oliver had shown up.
Oliver turned towards him and smiled. "Morning Percy." he said trying to sound friendly.
Percy looked from him towards his mother. "Hello Oliver." he said out of habit.
Molly smiled at him. "Well I better get that laundry in before those Gnombes get at them." and with that she stood up and walked out of the kitchen.
Looking at the door for several minutes after she had left Percy turned back towards Oliver. The quidditch player was twiddling with his fingers and staying silent.
"Why are you here?" Percy questioned breaking it finally.
Oliver glanced at him and his smile fadded. "I thought I would come and talk to you...about yesterday."
Percy walked into the room and took a seat at the table. "Like I said Oliver, I just don't think it's going to work out so we should call it quits." he reached for an apple that was in the middle of the table when Oliver caught his hand.
"Tell me you don't love me."
Love? Percy looked at him strangely. "What?"
Oliver looked into his eyes pleading him. "Percy tell me you don't love me and then I'll leave and be out of your life forever."
"Very well then," Percy sat up straight closing his eyes so he wouldn't have to see Oliver. "I love you."
There was silence between them before Percy muttered that he was just getting it out of his system and that they should try again.
But Percy started to laugh. "I-I can't do it."
Oliver who had screwed up his face for the attack opened an eye and looked at Percy.
"Why not?"
"Because," the laughing had stopped and Percy was looking very serious. "Because I love you and I always will."
"Then why are you running away from me?" Oliver asked just like the previous night.
Percy stood up and walked around the table taking a seat beside Oliver. He took Oliver's hands in his and then after examining them he looked back up at Oliver.
"I feel like an idiot Ol. Really, I was daft for not believing in us. We could have been happy. I was happy just being with you but I gave that up because I wanted someone else's love rather then my own."
"oh," Oliver looked at his hands.
"I love you more then anything that was true, but the reason I had to give you up was completely wrong and now I regret ever doing it. Even if you don't want me back again just understand that I never wanted to hurt you. You were my everything. You are my everything.-"
There was not another word said, as Oliver leaned down and kissed Percy silencing his rambling. Was he willing to forgive Percy? He didn't know yet. He had spent all night on the floor in the bathroom because he couldn't sleep anywhere in the house, it all reminded him of Percy. Not that it mattered anyway because he didn't get much sleep as it were.
When the two pulled apart Percy was smiling sheepishly.
Oliver cupped his chin and pulled his face closer so that they were nose to nose.
"I don't care Percy. I don't care what the world thinks of us. I don't care if I fail at something because I won't give you up. I really don't. Because love makes people to crazy things and we are in love."
Percy had started to cry again. Oliver was taking him back. He was taking him back and they would be able to start over this time with a better understanding. Then it dawned on him.
"Oliver, how did you know I was here? And for that matter. How did you get here? I didn't know you knew where I lived."
"I don't but someone that cares about you enough, that knew, came and found me." Oliver said, brushing some of the loose hair out of Percy's bright eyes.
"My mother." Percy said, remembering how Oliver and her had been talking when he first came in.
Oliver smiled but shook his head. "No Percy, your father."

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