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Apologies for taking so much time to bring you, my fellow Percy/Oliver slash lovers, the next part in the Percy and Oliver saga. I've been quite busy, what with work and such. I hope no one went through withdrawals and fell into a deep depression. If you did, I'm very sorry. I'd pay for your therapy, but I don't have any money and my health insurance sucks. Sorry.

Anyway, on we go with the goodness.

Really hardcore in this, just so you know. Hard R or NC-17, lots of sex and swearing. How unusual. ;)

"I am," Oliver said rather dismissively. He told himself that every day. He knew he was amazing. He was a fantastic Quidditch player and an amazingly attractive bloke who could pull anyone he wanted, whether it be bird or bloke. Lately, though, he'd been leaning more toward blokes, with which he didn't have a problem. They knew what they wanted and weren't afraid to get it, and they knew that one night of shagging didn't really mean anything. Oliver preferred things that way, though he wasn't sure if he would prefer it that way with Percy, which almost worried him. "Yes, I'm so amazing that you'll use me as a yardstick by which to measure all of your future relationships."

Future relationships? Percy wondered. Will I actually have any of those? I'd prefer to..just...have you... He couldn't imagine any further relationships, unless they were with Oliver. "Modest, too," Percy said jokingly, pulling Oliver close for a passionate kiss. "He doesn't even know he's amazing." He kissed Oliver's forehead and began lazily pulling on Oliver's nipples. He knew what he wanted to do, but he didn't know if Oliver wanted it. Tonight, Percy thought, was probably the best night of his life.

Oliver rolled his eyes and then slid a bit closer to Percy. "Are we really going to lie here and talk?" he asked in a slightly joking tone. He didn't really mind either way, but he wanted to know which way his mind should or shouldn't go. He began to lightly rub Percy's stomach while waiting for an answer. He found that the other man had more defined abs than he'd ever expected of such a scrawny man. Oliver wondered how Percy did it; he hadn't pegged Percy to be athletic in any respect, but perhaps there was even another facet to Percy that Oliver hadn't grasped previously. Obviously he's different than I'd thought, Oliver thought, an impish grin on his face. He didn't mind.

Percy snorted. "No," he said, grinning. "Unless you really want to. However...if you're...up...for it, I'd like to try to live out the rest of my fantasies." His choice of words was intentional. The double entendre was meant to have been said; it may have sounded corny and ridiculous, but Percy didn't care too much. His fingers began to exert even more pressure on Oliver's nipples, feeling them harden under his fingers. Percy felt himself rising to the occasion once more, and he hoped Oliver could do it, too. He didn't think this would be his last erection, either; he felt like he could go on for hours.

Oliver grinned. "All in one night, Percy?" he asked, shivering as the other man began to apply more pressure to his nipples. That felt amazing, and Oliver didn't want him to stop. He, too, felt himself getting hard once more. This had to be the most erections he'd had in one night. He was surprised that his old roommate, upright citizen Percy Weasley, had done this to him. Had Oliver been told while in school that Percy would end up getting him hard and making him come more than once, he would have scoffed at whoever had told him that, and ignored them. It just wasn't true, was it? Apparently it was, and Oliver didn't mind. He quite enjoyed it, in fact. Oliver enjoyed this side of Percy, the dominant, assured side of him, even more. He wanted--for the first time--to be told what to do and to be taken advantage of. Oliver wasn't one to bottom; no, he preferred to be in control and on top, but for Percy, he was willing to do what he so infrequently did. There was something almost intriguing about letting Percy Weasley have his way with him. "Why don't you just spell out exactly what you want to do to me, then, and we'll see what we can do?"

"I'm greedy," Percy said, his teeth grazing one of Oliver's nipples. "When I find something I like,"--at this he pulled Oliver in for a bruising kiss, pushing his tongue into the other man's mouth, wanting to memorise each and every bit of him,--"I want to play with it for a long time. I want to keep it all to myself and do whatever I want to it." He paused. "Spell out what I intend to do to you, hmm?" Percy's finger lightly traced the hollow between Oliver's chest and neck. "Well," he said, pausing to kiss Oliver's neck, "I want to do to you what you did to me. I want to make you moan. I want to make you come like you've never come before. I want to fuck you, Oliver Wood, and I have for years." In another situation, Percy would have been shocked by the words coming out of his mouth. He had wanted to fuck Oliver for years, but he had never been able to speak his desires out loud. Now, though, when his desires were 'being arranged,' Percy had no problem talking about them. That made it all the more real, and that was exactly what he wanted. He wanted this to be as real as was physically possible, and he wanted to remember it.

Oliver gulped, though he hoped it wasn't noticeably. He rather liked this side of Percy, the demanding and forthright side, the one that took control of a situation and used words that Oliver had never expected of him. That, along with the attention Percy was giving to his nipples and neck, was making Oliver very, very hard. He probably wanted this as much as--or possibly even more than--Percy did. "I suppose," Oliver said, trying very hard to control his voice, "that can be arranged." His attempt at control failed; his voice broke as he said "arranged". Oliver kept his eyes trained on Percy, wondering what the other man was going to do next.

"Could it?" Percy said huskily, running his thumb lightly down Oliver's cheekbone. "Good. I want it to be arranged." He was taking charge of this situation, and, though it felt almost bizarre to be ordering Oliver Wood around while they were completely naked and had been very intimate, he wanted it that way. He wanted to be in control. "Lie on your back," Percy commanded suddenly. "I want to see the expression on your face while I ... do this." He pushed Oliver backwards slightly, once again taking more control.

A shiver ran down Oliver's spine as he listened to Percy's commands. When Percy pushed him backwards, he felt himself getting even harder, if that was even possible. He loved it--surprisingly--that Percy was taking control. It was yet another side of his former roommate that he had never seen. Usually Oliver wasn't one to allow other people control. He was always the one in control, though he was oddly willing to relinquish all of his control, if need be, to get Percy to continue doing whatever it was that he was doing or going to do. He reached behind him to get the pillows from the head of the bed and place them under his rear end. He didn't think he was as flexible as Percy was, and he didn't want to find out, really. The pillows were acceptable for him. Oliver reached into the drawer of his night table and fished out another condom and wordlessly handed it to Percy. He wanted Percy to use it, but since Percy wasn't in control, he couldn't really make the other man do it.

Percy took the condom silently and studied it for a moment. It took a lot for him to say to Oliver, "Show me?" He just didn't admit that he didn't know how to do something. This time, though, it was more important, he knew. He just didn't quite know why Oliver insisted on these, but maybe Oliver would tell him later. Percy hadn't been watching when Oliver put one on himself; no, he had been squeezing his eyes shut and worrying about the pain he would soon be in. He leaned forward slightly and kissed the head of Oliver's leaking erection, waiting for a response from the other man.

Shit, this was going to be difficult. Oliver shivered in response to Percy's touches on his erection. If he continued doing this, things were going to be over far too soon, and Oliver didn't want that at all. He, too, wanted this to last for a very long time. He smiled when Percy asked him to help him with the condom. Oliver ripped open the package and removed the condom slowly, his eyes on Percy the entire time. He sat up slowly, appreciating his defined abdominal muscles not for the first time, and looked at the other man. "Here," he said in a low voice. He slid the condom slowly over Percy's erection and heard him sigh. He grinned. It was a bit awkward putting a condom on someone else, but it was a good chance to tease Percy a little bit the way Percy had just teased him.

Percy moaned a little bit with Oliver's light touch as he put the condom on. Now that he knew how to do it, he was hoping he would be able to do it many more times with Oliver. Once the condom was on all the way, he gently pushed Oliver backwards so he was lying on his back and Percy was looking down at him. It was perfect, he thought, and he intended to make it better for both of them. "Do you...want the lubricant, too?" Percy asked nervously. He reached for the tube in case Oliver did.

Oliver nodded. He didn't know if he could handle it without. Even though this was far from his first time with a bloke, dry was not his favourite way to go. "Yes," he said as if to illustrate his point. He shivered, thinking about what was going to happen. Percy Weasley is going to fuck you and make you wonder if you could ever be that good... He pushed that thought out of his mind and thought, I'm quite good; no one could be as good as I am. A smile crossed his face and he took in a deep breath, waiting for it.

Percy reached for the lubricant and squeezed a bit into his hand and rubbed that bit on his cock, causing him to jump a bit. Even that was amazing, him wanking himself a little bit. "Ready?" Percy asked Oliver softly, positioning himself right at Oliver's entrance, looking forward very much to what he was about to do.

Oliver nodded in lieu of a response. He missed the self-assured, self-confident Percy of just a moment ago. "Are you?" he asked. He figured that the self-assured Percy would come back soon; at least he hoped so. He thought that it would return when Percy was inside him, having his way with him, and Oliver couldn't wait. Oliver hoped that Percy had that in him, to have his way with him and make him come again and again.

Instead of an answer, Percy slowly pushed himself inside Oliver's tight hole. He let out a cross between a moan and a sigh when he felt the warmth enveloping his erection. "Fuck, Oliver," he groaned. He hadn't thought anything could feel this good. Percy pulled out very slowly, wanting to prolong the pleasure for both of them. He reached down, lightly stroking the thick vein on the underside of Oliver's cock.

Oliver let out a loud groan as Percy pushed himself through the ring of muscle, his face arranging itself in a less than attractive position as he tried to get used to the feeling. He didn't want Percy to try to get him off with his hands, though; he wanted to see how far he could go without his hands, without his cock being touched at all. He pulled Percy down into a passionate kiss, trying silently to tell him that he didn't want Percy to wank him off at all.

Percy took Oliver's silent hint and pressed his lips to the other man's, returning Oliver's passion with a heated kiss of his own. He assumed--correctly--that Oliver didn't want him to touch his erection, and he complied. As he wishes, he thought, his eyes almost lighting up. He let out a loud groan, loving the feel of Oliver's tight muscles gripping his erection. He knew that soon, he would be losing control, and he didn't want that to happen just yet. He wanted this to last.

Things soon fell into an easy rhythm for Oliver, and he knew that if he wanted to come, he needed to change things up a little bit. He didn't want to take control; he wanted Percy to be in charge, but it was hard to relinquish all control. He wasn't used to it. Oliver rotated his hips slightly, trying to get Percy in at a better angle. He wanted to follow his own request from earlier, to keep his eyes open while Percy fucked him, but he couldn't. He didn't want to look; he just wanted to feel.

Percy reached down and grabbed Oliver's left nipple and rubbed it roughly, hoping to elicit a positive response from the other man. He wanted to hear Oliver moan. He wanted to make Oliver come, and he wanted Oliver to groan his name as he came. "Fuck, Oliver," he moaned. "You're so tight; you're making my cock feel so good. I want to keep fucking you until we both come. I love this feeling, my cock being squeezed by your hole. This is bloody amazing."

Oliver elicited a loud "gah" when Percy grabbed his nipple. Oliver did not moan or sigh during sex. He made manly, low, guttural noises, like loud grunts or explicit swearing. He wasn't used to being a bottom; he almost always topped. He felt almost vulnerable the way he was right now, but he found that he didn't mind very much. "Fuck me, then, fuck, Percy. Fuck me, use me, just do whatever you fucking want. Your cock is fucking amazing."

Percy groaned, pushing into Oliver's hole even harder than before. "Oh, I'll fuck you," he moaned loudly. "I'll fuck you like you've never been fucked before, Oliver Wood." He stopped speaking to continue thrusting into Oliver, a little harder this time, trying to change his angle so as to hit Oliver's prostate. Wanna make him feel as good as he made me feel, he thought, groaning. "Gonna make you come," he moaned. "Wanna make you come all over me. Gonna fuck you until you can't move."

Oliver almost screamed "FUCK!" but he held himself back and instead let out a less manly "gaaahhhh..." Were he coherent enough to form sentences, he might tell Percy that he didn't really have much to top, since Oliver was rarely the one getting fucked; he was always the one fucking. Oliver was pushing back, trying to counter Percy's thrusts, wanting Percy to go deeper and deeper into him, allowing him to split him in two. Maybe he wanted to be split in two, if this was how good it would feel.

"Open your eyes," Percy commanded. "I want you to--uh--look at me--gahhh. I want to--oh fuck--see the expression on your face when you--oh Merlin--come." He grabbed Oliver's nipple in his free hand and pinched it roughly, wanting to drive Oliver over the edge with as much stimulation as possible. "I want to make you come," Percy grunted. "I want you to come all over me...oh fuck..." He rotated his hips slightly, trying to hit Oliver's prostate again. He kept hitting a slightly spongier spot, and he thought he was succeeding.

"Oh Christ, Percy," Oliver moaned. He just couldn't open his eyes. His body wouldn't allow him to do it. He wanted to, he wanted to look at the man who was giving him the most amazing fuck of his life, but he couldn't. "Fuck, Perce..." He felt his orgasm coming, and though he tried very hard to open his eyes, they squeezed even more tightly closed. His orgasm came in a wave of groans and "fuck"s, and he felt his body tensing. He came all over himself, Percy, and his sheets. It felt like one of the strongest orgasms he'd ever had, and he loved it.

Percy's orgasm had been a long time coming, but he had wanted to wait until Oliver came, just to make it better for Oliver. When he felt Oliver's hole squeezing his erection, he came loudly. "Fuck, Oliver," he moaned. "You're--oh fuck--so fucking tight... you feel--aagghhh--so amazing." He felt his come draining from his erection in large spurts, filling up the condom. He continued to thrust until he didn't think he could anymore, and then he slowed down, suddenly feeling exhausted. It was a good exhausted, though, a kind of exhausted he'd never felt, but one he wanted to feel again.

"No," Oliver said, taking in a ragged breath, "you're fucking amazing." He grinned at Percy and turned so they were face to face. He pressed a light kiss to the other man's lips and ran his fingers through Percy's slightly curly, very sweaty hair, which had gone very wild during their escapades. He didn't mind; in fact, he thought Percy looked even sexier with his hair going every which way, not so meticulously combed and styled. Percy's flushed face made Oliver grin. "So," he said, almost conversationally, "would you say you were relaxed now?"

When Percy felt Oliver move, he pulled out, and pulled the used condom off and threw it in the trash. He re-situated himself and wrapped his arms around Oliver, pulling him closer. He looked into Oliver's eyes and smiled. "Yes," he said, tracing Oliver's spine down his back. "I'd say I was much more relaxed now. If this is how I get to relax, I might as well get more stressed out more often." Percy winked at Oliver and kissed the tip of his nose lightly.

"Until I get bored with you," Oliver said lightly, not really knowing how he meant the remark. It was very open-ended, which was the way he had expected it to be, and wanted it to be as well. Oliver didn't make any commitments. It just wasn't the way he was. Usually, he fucked and left, and never saw the person again. However, for some reason, deep within him, he felt a strange pull to see Percy again. It was odd; he and Percy had rarely spoken while in school and now Oliver wanted--no he didn't, not really, only to fuck--to see him again. To fuck him again. Oliver didn't promise anything. Instead of elaborating on his sentence, he leaned up and kissed Percy gently.

Percy didn't know what that remark meant. It almost worried him, but really, everything worried him. He wasn't going to break the mood by asking. Not now, he thought. Maybe a bit later. If there is a later. "Assuming I don't get bored with you first," Percy retorted jokingly, kissing Oliver back willingly. That was a good enough response, wasn't it? He didn't think he could ever get bored with Oliver, though; he hoped Oliver wouldn't get bored with him, either.

"Good answer," said Oliver, smirking a bit and running his fingers through Percy's hair once more. It almost felt good to stay with someone for once. It It was unusual. He kissed Percy again and then slid away, standing up. Merlin, but he was sticky...but it didn't matter. He felt amazing. Completely sated and relaxed. "What do you say to a shower...and then we see where the rest of the evening takes us?" Oliver said, a hint of mischief in his eyes. If he was estimating right, however, the evening was well close to being over, but he wanted to take a shower before he cleaned his sheets and got into bed...with Percy...but only to sleep...right?

Percy nodded and got off the bed, too. He didn't think he had ever felt this good in his entire life. This was amazing, and he didn't ever want it to end. He grinned at Oliver and gave him a slight wink, saying, "Sounds good to me." He stretched up as far as he could go, yawning as he did so. He, too, could use a bit of a shower. He was a bit sticky, though he didn't mind it very much. Oliver's back massage had relaxed his shoulders and released a fair amount of tension in his body, and a shower could only be more relaxing, couldn't it?

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