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Ask and ye shall receive, my friends.

Who: Percy and Oliver
Where: Same place
Rating: Maybe even a bit more adult
Summary: In which they become even more intimate.

Looking at Percy, Oliver saw that, if he had wanted to, he could have easily removed his fingers and pushed his cock into the other man, but it was Percy's first time, and he wanted to be gentle. He wanted to be gentle. This was most unusual. He pulled his fingers out of Percy very slowly, and stroked the other man's spine lightly, wanting to get him even more aroused than he already was. He felt Percy shiver underneath him and he smiled.

Oliver leaned up and nibbled Percy's ear lightly. "Then you'll have to turn over again," he whispered in the other man's ear. He kissed Percy's jawline and then reached over him into the nightstand beside his bed. Inside the top drawer was a mishmash of junk, but what Oliver was looking for, he found within the first three seconds. He pulled out a tube of lubricant and a condom, and moved back over beside Percy, tearing the package open.

Percy complied immediately. It was easy to see why he'd been made prefect and then Head Boy; he did whatever was asked of him without further question, Oliver thought, smiling. Percy looked up at Oliver with a mix of worry and excitement in his face. He knew it was going to be good, but Percy was also worried that it was going to hurt. A lot. Even more than Oliver's fingers had. But, Percy thought, looking at Oliver as he pulled two curious items from his nightstand, it will get better...won't it?

"What are those?" Percy asked curiously, looking at the two unknown items in Oliver's hand. He felt kind of silly, not knowing, but he wanted to be aware of everything that was happening, and, though he felt like a complete imbecile, remember everything about it, in case it didn't happen again. I hope it does, he found himself thinking.

Oliver smirked. He had learned about these--the condoms, at least--from one of his many faceless Muggle partners, who had insisted on "safe sex," which, at the time, Oliver did not know about. He had never heard of safe sex, or how it wasn't safe in the first place. After that man had explained it to him, however, Oliver used condoms all the time when he was with someone. It just doesn't make sense not to, he thought every time. It was one of his most rational thoughts.

"This," Oliver said, holding up the condom, "is a condom. It will keep us safe." He tore open the package and stretched the condom over his erect penis, making sure it was on snugly and all the way. "This," he continued, holding up the tube, "is lubricant. This will make it hurt less for you. I promise that I'll be gentle, and stop if you want me to." He pressed a light kiss to Percy's forehead and felt something like affection for the other man. Stop, he ordered himself. This is nothing. Absolutely nothing. He wanted to believe himself, but he was finding it difficult.

"Safe?" Percy asked, feeling stupid. He didn't quite understand. What was dangerous about what they were doing or about to do? He furrowed his brows, trying to figure it out on his own, but to no avail. Damn it, he thought, why can't I figure this out? He didn't understand why Oliver was resorting to an unfamiliar thing when he could have just used a spell. Maybe it's a personal preference, his mind told him. While he was waiting for Oliver's response to his question, he gazed upon Oliver's erection in the condom, which was still fascinating him. Seeing how hard Oliver was made Percy feel even more aroused, if it was even possible.

"Yes, safe," Oliver repeated, squeezing a generous amount of lube into his hands and slathering it onto himself. He wanted to make this as comfortable and painless for Percy as he possibly could. "Because sex is messy and dirty and can sometimes be full of diseases." He didn't want to scare Percy, but it was a good idea to get him into the mindset that he needed to be careful when having sex, or he could regret himself, and Oliver never wanted anyone to regret having sex with him. Discussing this more could make him lose his erection, and that was the last thing he wanted. He wanted to feel how wonderful Percy's virgin hole would feel around his cock, and he wanted this to be as wonderful for Percy as it possibly could be. "Tell me if it hurts, and I'll be slower," Oliver said softly, aligning his cock with Percy's entrance. He looked at Percy, making sure that this was still all right.

Percy didn't quite understand, but he didn't ask any further questions. Perhaps they would discuss it later. He hoped so. He didn't like not knowing things. "Thank you," Percy said quietly, biting his lower lip in a combination of anxiety and excitement. He knew that Oliver knew that this was his first time with a man; did Oliver also know that it was Percy's first time, period? Percy wasn't sure, but he wasn't about to bring it up. This was neither the time nor place for personal history. Maybe it would come later, if there was a later.

Of course Oliver knew that it was Percy's first time. He could always tell. They were more excited than those who had done it before; they were also much more nervous, especially men who hadn't been with men before. They seemed to be the most nervous of the whole bunch, and usually Oliver didn't care, but the thought that Percy was different kept coming back to him, no matter how hard he tried to push it from his brain. "Don't thank me yet," Oliver said, grunting, pushing himself into Percy very slowly and gently, taking what seemed like an eternity to get his entire length into the other man. "We can...we can discuss this later." He paused inside of Percy, waiting for him to get used to the feeling of a cock inside him before he moved.

It did hurt. It hurt quite a bit, Percy found, and he bit his lip, hard, trying to focus on something else so he wouldn't think so much about the sheer pain he was feeling at the moment. It will get better, he thought. It has to get better...doesn't it? What if it didn't get better? What would he do then? He didn't know, but he didn't want to think about that. He only wanted to focus on what would happen in the near future, things getting much better. He drew in a sharp breath when Oliver's entire length filled him. He didn't want to tell Oliver it hurt, but he was sure that the other man could tell from his facial expressions, which he was desperately trying to control but obviously failing miserably.

Oliver leaned down and gave Percy a gentle kiss to help him take his mind off things. "It will get better," he said. "It only hurts the first time. I promise." Percy was so tight that his cock was practically singing at the sensations, though the fact that Percy was hurting took some of the pleasure out of the activity. He had a sudden idea, and he lifted one of Percy's legs so it was resting on his own shoulder. "This should help," he said, his breath short. Oliver had found that he enjoyed this position more, and he hoped that it would alleviate some of the pain that Percy was feeling. It would open him up a bit more, which would make it more comfortable. "Just relax."

Relaxing was the last thing Percy thought he could do. He felt himself clenching, though he knew that was a bad idea, as it was making him hurt even more. Relax, he ordered himself, even though it was against his nature to do so. He took a deep breath, focusing only on relaxing. He allowed Oliver to move his leg, and he found that the change in position did help, if only a little bit. He was feeling slightly less pain than he had several seconds ago, and a considerable amount of less pain than he had several minutes ago. It was definitely getting better; it was just taking what felt like an eternity. It will be worth it, he told himself. It will all be amazing soon...I hope...

Oliver felt Percy relaxing bit by bit, and he gave the other man a slight smile. "You're so hot like this," he murmured, his finger lightly tracing Percy's jawline before his mouth followed the same path. He thought this would relax Percy even more, and he was right. He felt Percy's breathing get slightly deeper, and his muscles relax more. Good, he thought. This will make it a lot easier. "You' tight...feels so good..." he groaned, kissing Percy again. Knowing, however, that he was hurting Percy still took a little bit of the pleasure out of the entire activity.

Percy was trying with all of his might to relax, and slowly, he was succeeding. He let out a breath he hadn't known he had been holding, and concentrated now only on what Oliver was doing. It was beginning to feel very good, and he let out a soft moan to tell Oliver wordlessly that he was enjoying it. The only thing that was beginning to be painful was his erection, which was begging for attention. His hand slid down his front and began stroking his aching cock, closing his eyes at the many sensations bombarding him at the moment.

"Open your eyes," Oliver commanded when he saw Percy close them. "I want you to remember all of this." He saw Percy's hand grasp his erection, and though Oliver knew that he wouldn't need it to get himself off, he would allow it, since it did look painful. His right hand joined Percy's in stroking his erection, matching Percy's strokes. His left hand began rubbing Percy's side with every thrust, which were getting harder and deeper with every passing second. Now that he knew that Percy was enjoying it, Oliver felt more free to fuck him.

Percy felt Oliver's hand join his own on his cock, and he moaned loudly. "Oh, Oliver," he groaned, "that feels so good..." This felt so amazing that Percy never wanted it to end. He forced his eyes open with a fair amount of difficulty. He wanted to watch, but his eyes wanted to close and lose themselves in the pleasure that Oliver was providing him at the moment. In an attempt to keep his eyes open, he focused his gaze on Oliver and his cock moving in and out of Percy's hole. He was enjoying that Oliver's thrusts were getting harder and deeper, and he moaned loudly, attempting to indicate without words that he quite enjoyed what Oliver was doing.

Good, Oliver thought with a smile, shifting position slightly to hit that one spot that he knew would send Percy over the edge. That was his ultimate goal, to make Percy come as many times as he possibly could in that night. He had told Percy that he would show him how to release stress, and what better way to do that than with a great fuck? He began to move slightly slower, watching Percy as he thrust inside him, feeling the velvety tightness enveloping him. He could come at any moment, but he was holding back because he wanted to watch Percy come to shuddering pieces in front of him, which he knew was very close. When that happened, he would let himself go.

Percy felt Oliver shift, and for a moment he was confused. Then he felt Oliver hit a spot that made him feel amazingly good, and he whimpered in surprise and pleasure. "Oh, fuck, Oliver, what was that?" he groaned loudly. Whatever it was, he never wanted Oliver to stop hitting it. He knew that if Oliver did that just a few more times, he would be pushed over the edge in a glorious orgasm. Though he never wanted this to end, he was feeling a need for release that would be satisfied very soon if Oliver kept doing everything he was doing. He wanted to do this to Oliver, though. He wanted to make Oliver feel as good as Oliver was making him feel. He had wanted to do this to Oliver for years, and now that he was fulfilling part of his fantasy, Percy didn't see why they couldn't fulfill the rest of it. He moaned once more, very loudly, taking in a gasping breath.

Oliver smirked, pushing his cock into that spot once more. "Your prostate," he said, taking in a shallow breath himself. "You know," he said almost conversationally, "for someone so intelligent, you don't know very much about yourself." His hand squeezed Percy's cock, feeling himself almost lose control. No, he told himself. Don't...don't let yourself...until he does.. Though he wanted to last, he couldn't. He felt himself reach the point of no return, and he leaned down and kissed Percy passionately, slowing down his motions slightly as he came. He knew Percy wasn't quite there yet, so he continued to move in and out, almost hoping that Percy would never come so this could last forever.

Percy nodded. He had heard of it, of course, but he hadn't known it could feel so amazing when pressure was applied to it just right. When Oliver kissed him, Percy kissed back ferociously, his fervour matching his excitement. He wouldn't allow Oliver to pull away; no, he wanted to maintain as much contact as he could. When he felt Oliver begin to come, even though he was still wearing that strange condom, he could feel his come--or what was going into the condom--hitting that spot inside him again and again, and Percy couldn't handle it any longer, and he let himself go, coming all over both his and Oliver's hands, as well as his stomach and probably the sheets as well, but he didn't care. All he could think about was his orgasm. His hand was furiously stroking his cock as he came. "Oh, fuck, Oliver, fuck me, fuck..." he moaned loudly, pushing his hips forward so Oliver's cock was driven as far into him as possible. He never wanted this to end.

Oliver grinned but didn't say anything. It made his cock twitch to hear Percy use such language, even though it wasn't the first time that night. It still felt new to him, hearing Percy use crude words, seeing how proper Percy had been in school. He kissed Percy several more times, letting the other man come back down, and then he pulled out, removing the used condom and tossing it in the trash. He sighed and closed his eyes, letting out a deep breath and just taking a second for himself.

As Percy's orgasm dissipated, he moaned one last time and let out a ragged breath. He gave Oliver a lustful smile. He wanted to do this until they were both so exhausted that they would have to sleep, and then continue when they woke up. Now, however, all he wanted to do was make Oliver feel as good as Oliver had made him feel. He felt Oliver pull out of him and he suddenly, oddly, felt very empty and alone. He wrapped his arms around Oliver, pulling him closer and kissing him soundly. "You're amazing," Percy murmured.

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