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I felt kind of bad about leaving you guys hanging with the last one, but I had to go to work and I wanted to give a gift for being so patient with me for the last month. Here's a bit more to satisfy you, at least for awhile. ;)

Who: Percy and Oliver
Where: Still Oliver's flat
Rating: Here we go, a foray into the hardcore
Summary: In which there is much exploration

Percy didn't think he had ever spoken truer words. He had found Oliver attractive since he entered puberty at age 13, but wouldn't admit it to himself until he was 15 and had seen Oliver nude in the dormitory. When he thought of it now, he thought it was odd for him to have seen Oliver nude so late in their years together. After that incident, it seemed that he saw Oliver nude all of the time in the dormitory. After he'd seen that, he couldn't stop admitting to himself that he found Oliver attractive. He had secretly hoped to be in the dormitory every time that Oliver undressed, and often made a covert point of heading up there whenever he thought Oliver would. He had hated himself for it, hated himself for finding another bloke attractive, but now, now all of his self-deprecating thoughts had been erased. Now he was lying naked beneath the man who had occupied his fantasies for so many years. It was wonderful.

Oliver smiled and pressed a light kiss to Percy's nose. "You're going to have to be more specific, Perce," he said with a grin. He bit Percy's ear playfully, pulling gently on it with his teeth, and then releasing it and flicking his tongue over the slightly reddened lobe. Oliver watched as Percy's chest rose rapidly as he sucked in a shallow gasp of air. Just the reaction he'd wanted. Oliver rocked back, so he was sitting up and most of his weight was resting on his knees, and he was above Percy, watching him closely. One of his fingers trailed lazily down Percy's chest, circling each nipple slowly, flicking over the pebbled flesh, and moving languidly down the rest of his torso. His fingers traced around the base of Percy's erection, not actually touching it but more admiring it, desiring it, almost needing it. No, he told himself. I do not need anything. I just want this, and it's a good learning experience for him. "C'mon, Percy, just tell me," Oliver said, grinning at the other man, whose eyes were squeezed shut and mouth slightly open, giving Oliver a glimpse of his flaming red tongue and stark-white teeth. That mouth... he thought, his breath hitching in his throat briefly.

Percy drew in a sharp breath when he felt Oliver playing with his body, biting and touching him so gently. He didn't know if he could handle much more of the torturous teasing. He wanted so badly to have Oliver fuck him, and to fuck Oliver, and do whatever else he could do and have done to him. In a sudden burst of confidence, Percy said, "I want you to fuck me, and I want to fuck you. I want to feel you inside me, and feel what it's like to be inside you." Where he was getting this unusual confidence, Percy didn't know. Only a few hours before, he would have been mortified to use this type of language, especially saying it to a member of his same sex. He might have been thinking these things, but wouldn't have dreamed of saying them. Now, though, he knew things were different. A good sort of different, and Percy didn't mind at all.

Merlin, how could Oliver resist Percy when he spoke like that? I can't, Oliver thought, feeling another, stronger twitch in his nether regions. He had just never expected Percy, righteous, law-abiding Percy, to use such language and want such debaucherous things. His heart pounding harder than it had all night, he leaned over and captured Percy's lips in a bruising kiss. He bit Percy's lower lip roughly and then pulled it into his mouth, tenderly sucking and licking the bitten lip to soothe and arouse. Oliver lost himself in the kiss for a moment, but then remembered that he had more...pressing...things to do, and reluctantly pulled away. "Roll over," he commanded, stroking Percy's cheek lightly.

Oliver's favourite thing about Percy, he realised, was his freckles. In school, he had always wondered if Percy had such dense freckles all over his body. Tonight, he had found out. Yes. Yes, he did, and it turned Oliver on more than he'd ever expected.

Percy complied immediately. He was slightly worried, however, about how whatever Oliver was about to do would feel. Would it hurt? He'd heard that the first time for girls hurt, but he didn't know what things would be like for him. It's Oliver, he reminded himself. Oliver won't hurt me. He'll be careful and gentle. He knew, deep down, that he would be okay, but he felt his heartbeat speeding up and his breathing becoming shallower and shallower with each passing second. Percy took in a deep, slow breath through his nose, letting it out through his mouth in an attempt to calm himself down. It wasn't working too well. It will be wonderful, he told himself firmly. Even if it does hurt a little bit at first. People wouldn't continue to do this if it always hurt...

"Good boy," Oliver murmured. "Always eager to get ahead, you are." He smiled and kissed the back of Percy's neck lightly, his fingers dancing over the soft skin. He trailed light kisses down Percy's back, feeling the other man squirm underneath his feather-light touch, and smiling to himself. Things were going exactly as he wanted them to go. If things continued his way, the evening would round out perfectly, and Percy would have released every bit of stress and tension in his body.

Oliver licked down Percy's spine, leaving a trail of cool saliva on Percy's warm skin. He paused before he reached Percy's rear end, giving the other man a moment to ready himself and take in several more deep breaths. "Ready?" he murmured, unsure if Percy could hear him. Without warning, Oliver flicked his tongue over Percy's cheeks, and it slid between the two globes of flesh, flicking over his anus and finally in, past the tight ring of muscle. He pulled his tongue out after a second, and used his hands to gently pull apart Percy's cheeks, massaging them lightly as his tongue again pushed into Percy's tight, virgin hole, licking in circles slowly, wanting to prepare Percy.

Percy jumped involuntarily when Oliver began to lick his back. His back had always been a very sensitive area for him; Penelope had rubbed it a fair amount when they had been dating back in school, and though he hadn't been terribly interested in her, it had still caused him quite a bit of pleasure--and pain due to lack of release--when she did it. "Oh...Oliver..." Percy sighed softly, enjoying it very much. Suddenly, though, he felt a completely unexpected--but not unwelcome--sensation. Oliver's tongue was inside him, moving very slowly. Percy's heartbeat sped up even more with every lick that Oliver was giving him. "Fuck, Oliver," he moaned. "That's...amazing..."

Oliver smiled. He pulled his tongue out briefly, and flicked it over Percy's entrance, wanting to tease him a bit more before he gave him more pleasure. Oliver's right hand moved up to massage Percy's back, wanting him to relax. It would make it a lot easier for both of them if Percy would just relax and stop tensing his muscles. His technique worked. He felt Percy's breathing slow down a bit, and his muscles relax slightly. Good, he thought, as he worked his tongue back inside Percy once more. The thought of Percy's tight hole made his cock twitch, and he knew that he would be needing release soon, but right now, his focus was all on Percy. He wanted Percy to experience everything there was to experience, to get everything he'd never gotten before. He hummed lightly, trying to give Percy even more stimulation.

Percy jumped when he felt Oliver's tongue push inside him. He'd never even had sex with a woman before, though now he didn't want to, if things with a man could be this amazing. Or maybe it's just Oliver, he thought with a grin. Maybe it's just Oliver who's amazing. His last thought was proven as he felt Oliver's hand begin to massage his back, and the vibrations of Oliver's hum against his hole. He didn't know if he could handle this much longer without coming--maybe multiple times. He loved it when Oliver touched his back. It caused all of the hairs on the back of his neck to stand on end, and his cock to pulse every time. Percy let out a soft moan, trying to indicate to Oliver that he did indeed enjoy all of this, and that he didn't want Oliver to stop.

Oliver rubbed a bit harder on Percy's back, trying to get him to relax even more. It would make it even easier and more enjoyable for Percy if he would calm himself down and simply enjoy the moment instead of tensing up and being worried about things. His teeth lightly grazed the flesh around Percy's anus, trying to contrast the pleasure with a bit of pain. He enjoyed a bit of pain himself, as long as it was followed by gentle touches, and he wanted to try the same with Percy. Though Oliver didn't want Percy to be spent after this round alone, he was somewhat curious to see how long Percy could go, and how many orgasms he could have in one night. He wanted to be the one to provide Percy with the best night of his life; he wanted it to be Percy's most memorable evening. So far, he thought he was succeeding.

Percy moaned very loudly, a sound that was almost otherworldly, it was so guttural and loud. He was enjoying this more than he'd ever thought he would. The contrast of pain and pleasure was amazing, and he never wanted it to end. Oliver's touches were gentle and rough at the same time, and they were so well-placed. "Fuck, Oliver," he groaned loudly. He wanted this so badly. He wanted Oliver to make him come again and again and again, and he felt like it was going to happen tonight. He, too, wanted to see how long he could go. He'd never tried for multiple orgasms; with him, it was a simple wank and then it was over until the next night, when he'd wank in the shower or in his bed, shamefully, before going to sleep.

Oliver almost laughed to himself when he heard Percy's loud comment, but he continued teasing Percy with his tongue, flicking it over Percy's hole, and then rolling it and twisting it inside of Percy, opening his tongue once it was inside Percy. He very badly wanted to fill Percy with his aching cock, but he knew it wouldn't be very kind to Percy if he did it immediately. He had to work up to that, touching him with his tongue, and then fingers, and then, finally, the tour de force, his cock.

Oliver's left hand snaked around Percy's body to grasp the other man's cock in his hand, stroking it up and down as best as he could, with it pressed against the sheets the way it was. He knew that the added stimulation would make Percy come quicker, and that was his object. He wanted to get Percy off as many times as he could, and Oliver didn't think it would stop anytime soon. He still had a lot of things he wanted to do to and with Percy, and he knew that they would all be well-received, and Oliver would be rewarded with orgasms of his own as well as of Percy. He loved the face Percy made when he came, scrunched up and flushed with a deep blush. Just thinking of it made him want to make Percy come, just to see that face.

When Percy felt Oliver's hand on his cock, he let out a loud, guttural moan. He didn't know how long he could last anymore, but he knew it wouldn't be very long. "Fuck, Oliver," he moaned. "That feels so good." He thrust his hips involuntarily into Oliver's hand, wanting and needing the added stimulation. Oliver's tongue in his hole and his hand on his cock were coupled to make Percy feel completely amazing. He relaxed even further, thinking only of the pleasure he was being provided. His eyes slid shut and his breathing turned into soft moans, getting slightly faster as Oliver continued his ministrations. It was fantastic. Percy didn't think he could even consider sex with a woman anymore, if Oliver was this amazing with his tongue. He couldn't imagine how good Oliver would be with his cock, if he was this talented with only his mouth.

Reluctantly, Oliver moved his face away, pressing light kisses to Percy's tailbone, concentrating more on what his hand was doing to Percy's cock. His other hand took over for his tongue, pressing one finger inside Percy, giving him more depth. He circled his finger around inside Percy, trying to allow the other man to get used to the feeling of something larger than a tongue inside him, trying to prepare Percy for the feeling of his cock inside his anus. A second finger followed the first, stretching Percy further, wanting to make sure that he would be able to take Oliver's cock inside him. His left hand continued to move up and down, still stroking Percy's erection roughly, wanting the other man to come, and come hard. "You feel so good," he murmured, pressing a kiss to the base of Percy's spine.

When he felt Oliver move away from his hole, Percy let out a small noise of disappointment. He hadn't wanted it to stop, ever. Suddenly, he felt something else penetrating him--it must have been Oliver's finger. It was larger and longer than a tongue, but it wasn't Oliver's cock. It hurt him only for a moment; he thought it would soon get better. He bit down on Oliver's sheets, trying to prevent himself from crying out. He didn't want to seem weak. He didn't want it to look like he couldn't handle what Oliver was doing and wanted to do; he certainly wanted to be the recipient of whatever Oliver wanted to do. Slowly, he felt the pain dissipate, and as soon as it had, Percy felt another finger enter him, stretching him slightly further and reaching even deeper inside him. This caused another, lesser wave of pain to wash over him. This pain disappeared quicker than the first bit of pain, perhaps because he was more used to the feeling of a foreign object inside him. Whatever it was, Percy didn't mind, as long as Oliver didn't stop doing what he was doing. Within seconds, Percy felt the now-familiar sensation of the tightening in his testicles; with a shout, he came for what seemed like an eternity, spilling all over the sheets.

As Percy came, Oliver scissored his fingers, trying to stretch Percy even further. He knew that the other man would be in pain for several moments before his cock entered, but he would be gentle. Oliver didn't want to hurt Percy. This was one of the first times that he would consciously be gentle with a partner. Other times, he just pushed in to get himself off; he didn't bother with the feelings of the other person very much. With sex, it was usually all about Oliver and how he got off. Oliver trailed kisses up Percy's back, feeling the other man spill all over his sheets and his hands. The sheets will have to be cleaned at the end of the night, he thought, smiling to himself. That didn't matter at the moment. What mattered was what was happening and what was about to happen. Oliver kissed the hollow between Percy's neck and shoulder and murmured in his ear, "Do you want me inside you?"

Percy was still breathing hard and didn't even realise that Oliver had spoken until a few moments later. When he had calmed down, he registered what Oliver had said. Do I want him inside me? Percy thought, almost grinning. Does he really have to ask? "Do you really have to ask?" Percy asked, his voice husky. Oliver's mouth on his neck was making him hard again, even though he had just had one of the most mind-blowing orgasms he'd ever enjoyed. It didn't really seem to matter anymore, the length of time between an orgasm and another erection. It seemed that he would have a permanent erection, and that didn't bother him at all, as long as it was satisfied by Oliver.

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