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I've returned, and with me, I've brought more of my as-yet-unnamed Percy/Oliver fic. You can find the earlier bits here, here, and here, in chronological order.

Who: Percy/Oliver
Where: Still at Oliver's flat
Rating: Actually, quite tame in comparison to the other three
Summary: A continuation of the last three.

"Bloody hell, no," Oliver said, pressing his lips to Percy's, enjoying those amazing lips, the ones he knew would continue to amaze and even shock him at least for the rest of the night. "So," he continued almost conversationally, "in these fantasies of yours, what else happened?"

Fantasies? Percy wondered. He didn't know if he could tell Oliver what else had happened in his fantasies. "Well..." Percy began, a deep blush creeping up his cheeks, "...well..."

"Oh, come on, Percy," Oliver said, a very slight hint of impatience in his voice. "We just sucked each other's cocks; surely you can tell me what you used to fantasise about when we were in school." He looked over at the other man, who was blushing furiously. Oliver reached out to stroke Percy's cheeks; he found the colour Percy was turning rather attractive. "Don't be embarrassed," he continued, his accent growing a bit thicker, which it always seemed to do in times like these.

Percy smiled, despite his embarrassment, still blushing furiously. He supposed Oliver was right; they had both just sucked each other off, and that was a pretty personal, intimate thing, at least in his mind. He drew in a deep breath and said shakily, "Well...umm..." He found it very difficult to say what he wanted to say. He just wasn't used to using such language. "Well," he started again, finding that averting his eyes from Oliver's made it slightly easier to speak, "...well... I...I always wanted to, uh... to...fuck you...and ...uh...have you, uh...fuck me..." His blush was returning in full force, and he felt like his face was on fire. He didn't know why he was so embarrassed. Oliver didn't seem to have problems talking about things like this; why should he?

Though he would never admit it, Oliver found the colour that Percy was turning rather cute. Cute was not a word that entered Oliver Wood's vocabulary. It was far too frou-frou for him. He smiled, all the while trying to appear cool and collected, when in actuality his insides were churning and he felt a twitch in his nether regions. "That can be arranged," Oliver said, trying to sound breezy, even though he felt like he was about to explode at the thought of fucking Percy, or being fucked by Percy, or Percy just saying the word.

They can be arranged? Percy thought, feeling a shiver down his spine and his cock stirring to life once more. He couldn't think of anything better at the moment than fucking the man he'd fantasised about for so much of his life, lying this close to him after being sucked off. He loved the feeling of being sucked off by Oliver, of sucking Oliver off, and now hearing that his fantasies can be arranged. "Good," Percy heard his voice saying, feeling as though he was outside his own body. "I'd like that. A lot." It was actually going to happen, something he'd dreamed about since his years as a student at Hogwarts, sharing a dormitory with the other man. He'd never thought it would; he'd thought that Oliver had only fancied birds, and would never even entertain a thought for him, but now...well, now it seemed that the world had turned upside down in the space of a few hours, and Percy found that he didn't mind.

Oliver pulled Percy close, capturing his lips into a deep kiss. His tongue darted out to brush Percy's lips briefly, tasting the wonderful combination of both Percy, and traces of himself. He, too, never thought that anything like this would be occurring. He had always taken Percy for a self-absorbed bookworm, one who would never allow himself any sort of pleasure. Oliver was pleased that he had been wrong. Very pleased.

Oliver pulled away from the kiss, looking at Percy as though he was contemplating something. He bit his lip and furrowed his brow. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity but in reality was only several seconds, he made his decision. He stood, slid his arms under Percy's thin body, and picked him up. If he could navigate his flat half-drunk, he certainly could navigate it in the dark. Walking through the hall, he stubbed his toe on a sharp corner of the wall, and tripped over a few Quidditch books he'd left piled in front of the door, but he hoped Percy hadn't noticed him stumble. Oliver had decided that a change of scenery was in order for the new...activities...but until he walked through the door, it hadn't occurred to him how many people had been in his bed, doing this same thing. This is different, though, he thought, trying to convince himself that, despite his feelings, he was not getting attached. It would not happen. Oliver Wood did not attach himself to anyone.

Percy leaned into Oliver's lips, enjoying every moment, and pouted a bit when Oliver pulled away, and even more when Oliver got off the couch. He felt strangely empty and alone now, with Oliver away from him. That's weird, he thought, casting his eyes upwards to look at Oliver, who looked deep in thought. What could be on his mind? he wondered, when he felt Oliver's hands beneath him and felt himself being lifted off the couch. He could have laughed. This was, to him, one of the most cliched gestures ever, being carried off to what he assumed would be Oliver's bedroom, but he knew that this was neither the time nor place to be laughing. He felt Oliver stumble, but he didn't mention it. As he was carried through the door, his foot hit the wall, but he didn't say or do anything. He just wanted Oliver to continue doing whatever he had planned to do; he knew it would be excellent no matter what.

For Percy, this was a slightly unusual feeling for him; he had not been carried like this since he had been a small child. He hadn't even been held in many years. It was very strange to be held whilst completely nude, and he found himself becoming slightly turned on by the warm roughness of Oliver's hands on his skin. He felt Oliver lean down and kiss him lightly, which caused a shiver to run down his spine. That simple gesture meant more to Percy than he'd ever thought a kiss would. This felt special, and Percy wanted to savour every moment of this, whatever this was. He didn't want to read too much into it, though; he had a habit of becoming attached, and he thought that Oliver was much more nomadic than he. Don't think about it, he ordered himself. Just enjoy the moment.

This hadn't been what Percy had thought "de-stress" would mean. He had assumed it would be something like massage or meditation or some sort of new age-y mumbo jumbo, but this...this he preferred to any of that crap. As he felt himself being set on a bed, he relaxed slightly. This had to be the best thing that had ever happened to him. It was lucky, he thought, that he had gone to that pub and run into Oliver, and allowed Oliver to convince him to learn how to de-stress. Percy looked up and saw Oliver staring at him. "Come here," Percy said quietly. I want to ravage you silly, some usually-silent part of his brain piped up. This thought surprised Percy, until he realised that it was true. He did want to ravage Oliver silly. It sounded like the best idea that had been had by anyone, ever.

"Anything you say," Oliver said, crawling up the bed beside Percy, hard again at the sight of the other man lying on his bed. How many other people had been there before Percy? Oliver couldn't even count. Not that it matters now, he thought, mentally slapping himself after he thought it. He couldn't let this happen. He didn't become attached to anyone. Ever. Oliver continued until he was on top of Percy, lying flat on the other man's chest, his arms bracing him on either side, worried that his weight might crush Percy. He was more muscular than the other man, and he didn't want to injure Percy in any way.

Percy pulled Oliver on top of him, not worried about the weight. He might look scrawny, but Percy was stronger than anyone would suspect. He didn't think that Oliver was heavier than him, or, if he was, he didn't worry about it. It didn't matter to him. All that mattered to him at the moment was Oliver, touching him, kissing him, sucking him, fucking him... everything good. "Anything I say, hmm?" Percy murmured, kissing Oliver's temples lightly. "This might get interesting, then." He didn't know how it might get interesting; it had just seemed like the right thing to say at the moment. He pressed his lips against Oliver's with fervor, wanting just to feel Oliver against him, touching and caressing him. Percy wanted--and needed--this more than he had ever needed anything ever, he felt.

"What do you want, Percy?" Oliver asked. How might it get interesting? he wondered. He knew--or at least hoped--he would find out soon. I wonder if he knows what he's doing? he thought, smirking slightly. He pressed small kisses to Percy's cheeks, nose, and jawline, his fingers running restlessly up and down the other man's chest.

"You," Percy answered simply. "All of you."

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