October 21st, 2004

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Hey, I'm with alcoholicberry, this community needs to be more active! In the spirit of that...

So I don't know if you guys are familiar with ship_manifesto, but basically it's an lj multi-fandom community where people post manifestos about their favorite ships, including character descriptions, pairing dynamics, links, fic recs, etc. I signed up to do the Percy/Oliver one. It's not due until December, and I've written a lot of it, but I wanted to get some other P/O fans opinions on the ship. Here's some of what I've got so far. This part's on the pairing and OoTP.

Obviously some poilers for OoTP, just to let you know, but the section is labeled!!

Collapse )

So? What do you guys think? Did I leave anything out? Am I too biased on some issue? I'm especially unsure about the OoTP part.

Also, any fic recs would be greatly appreciated. :)

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Right. I have to admit I'm on the computer way to much. heh.

Anyway. Seeing as there is only about three of us that are active on this community still. I was thinking we could at least start off. I was considering what merelyn said about their not being enough OotP fics.

So I figured the three of us could work together to make a plot line and work out a story to write. Adding what we want and think would go good within it.

Then we could each write a story for that plot line and post them here to see how we worked everything out differently.

So we'll just need to work out this bit. So if you have any ideas for these...

Time frame: OotP
Word count:?
Other pairings:?
Genre:? (I'm leaning towards Angst here. *snicker*)
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