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Alright, I think this is the last bit I'll be able to, pardon the pun, get up before I leave for camp tomorrow. I'll be gone a month, but try to survive. ;) I'll have more when I come back on July 30. Promise.

Who: Percy and Oliver
Where: Oliver's flat
Rating: Recall the last one? This one is more hardcore.
Summary: In which there is more hardcore-ness.

If I'm good? Percy thought, confused. Good how? He couldn't remember saying anything, but he thought he had heard his own voice. I suppose I'll find out, he thought, assuming I'm good. "You're good," Percy said huskily, pulling Oliver close to him and kissing him soundly. He could taste himself on Oliver, and, surprisingly, it didn't bother him. "That was bloody amazing." One hand slid down Oliver's chest and began to play with one of the other man's nipples, pinching and rolling it between his thumb and forefinger.

Oliver grinned. Percy needs these more often, he thought. Oliver was thinking about breaking his "no seconds" rule, just for Percy. It was odd, he thought, to be breaking his cardinal rule for someone with whom he had lived for seven years and not really gotten to know well, and for someone with whom he'd just become reacquainted, and, before him, hadn't gotten a blow job. Maybe, he thought, I'll keep him, just to teach him. That sounded awfully good to Oliver, being the teacher and having his student practice on him.

Oliver let out a soft sigh as Percy's hand reached his nipple. He liked that. He liked it a lot, but there was something else that desperately needed attention. His erection was pressing uncomfortably against the zip of his extraordinarily tight jeans, and it needed to be taken care of. Oliver pressed his hips against Percy's, wondering if the other man would have the balls to do something about it. "See anything you like?" he asked devilishly.

"Everything," Percy answered without hesitation, and it was true. Looking at Oliver, his face slightly flushed and his lips slightly kiss-swollen, and feeling the other man's cock pressing against his leg, was making Percy's heart speed up just a little bit, and his breath become just a bit shallower. I intend to do to him what he did to me, he thought. I want to make him feel as good as he made me feel. He didn't quite know what to do, but he thought that he would do what Oliver did to him, and that would be fine.

Percy felt Oliver's hips press against his own once more, and he looked at Oliver, raising one eyebrow. "Oh, really?" he said, his fingers fidgeting with the button on Oliver's trousers. "Well, I suppose we'll have to see about that." His fingers deftly unfastened Oliver's trousers and removed them quickly. He wasn't very surprised at what he saw; he had seen Oliver naked more than one time when they had been in school, but he had never seen Oliver hard when they were in school. This was amazing. Oliver's cock was huge, much bigger erect than it had been flaccid. It was leaking copious amounts of pre-come, and Percy wanted so badly to taste it, but that would come later. Right now, he intended to make Oliver crazy by avoiding his erection, playing with every other part of his body but ignoring the part that needed the most attention. His fingers returned to Oliver's nipples, his nails grazing over them lightly, and his mouth to Oliver's lips, kissing him passionately and urgently.

Oliver gasped. He hadn't thought that Percy had it in him to do anything like this, much less take control of this type of situation, like it seemed that he was doing. Oddly, Oliver didn't mind that he wasn't in control; he liked what Percy was doing, though he wanted it to go faster. He wanted Percy to pay attention to his cock, to lick it and suck it until he came, but it didn't look like that would be happening immediately.

"Switch me," Percy said suddenly. He wanted Oliver to be lying on his back, so he, Percy, could be above him and in control.

Oliver complied immediately. It meant that he was no longer in control at all, but now he didn't care at all. He wanted this. Badly.

Percy smiled. Excellent, he thought as he placed light kisses on Oliver's jawline, wanting to taste every inch of the other man. He lightly bit Oliver's earlobes, spent several minutes kissing and sucking his neck--he wanted to give Oliver a hickey, to show that he, Percy I Weasley, had been there--, and moved on to Oliver's chest. He drew one of Oliver's nipples into his mouth and allowed his teeth to graze over the hardened flesh. His tongue flicked over it after his teeth, soothing the nipple. He did that to the other one, and then began a slow descent to Oliver's crotch. He kissed every rib, and swirled his tongue around Oliver's navel.

Finally, he reached Oliver's hips. He kissed each of Oliver's hipbones, and then moved to his inner thighs, explicitly avoiding Oliver's leaking cock, no matter how much he wanted to take care of it.

Get on with it, Oliver thought, letting out a loud groan to show Percy how much he wanted--no, needed--this. "C'mon," he moaned, wanting to thrust up into Percy's mouth, but not wanting to take control of the situation. Best to let Percy learn how to do things his own way, while still getting Oliver off.

Percy accidentally-on-purpose brushed his hand against Oliver's cock, and was almost surprised at how amazingly hard it actually was. He didn't think his own had ever been that hard, but he hadn't teased himself; he'd simply wanked off and been done with it. This, though, this was more special, more important than simply getting the job done. It was how he did the job that mattered. This time, he let his tongue flicker across the head of Oliver's erection. "You taste good," he murmured.

Without warning, Oliver felt his cock being totally engulfed by Percy's mouth. The warm wetness was amazing. It was worth the wait, he felt, which was unusual. He usually wanted instant gratification, but with Percy, it seemed to be different, and he found that he didn't mind. For a first-timer, Oliver thought, he...certainly knows what he's doing.

"You don't have to do...anything you don't...want to do," Oliver said, his voice coming out in little gasps, his tone negating any meaning the words might have had.

Percy removed his mouth from Oliver's erection and looked up at the other man. "I want to do this," he said. "I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel." His lips went back to Oliver's cock, but this time only briefly kissing it, tasting more of the addictive fluid. He wanted this to last. He wanted Oliver to have an earth-shattering orgasm, caused by him. Percy never thought that he would be doing this, sucking off Oliver Wood after having been sucked off by the same man. Furthermore, he'd never thought he would have been doing this with a man, but he found that he couldn't imagine doing this with a woman anymore. His tongue flicked over Oliver's slit, grabbing a drop of pre-come and savouring it.

This was pure torment for Oliver. He knew that it was going to be absolutely amazing--or he hoped it would be--when he came, but right now, it was sheer torture to have to wait for Percy's mouth to envelop his length once more.

He didn't have to wait long. Tired of just tasting a little bit of Oliver at a time, Percy engulfed the other man's erection in his mouth, his tongue swirling around Oliver's length. One of his hands snaked up to Oliver's chest, lazily playing with one of his nipples. He kept his other hand at his side. He knew what he was going to do with it, but he wanted to wait like Oliver had waited for him; he wanted to give Oliver as much stimulation as was possible.

"Fuck," Oliver moaned. It was, quite possibly, one of his favourite words in the English language, but it rarely came out, unless he was in this type of situation, where he was being pleasured by someone who, though it was his first time, seemed to know exactly what to do. The attention given to both his cock and his nipple was sending him into overdrive. He loved it. "Fuck, amazing..."

Percy smiled around Oliver's erection. He was glad; it meant that he was doing well, even though he'd never done this before. Now, he decided, it was time to put his other hand to use. It began to gently massage Oliver's testicles, and slowly he began to increase the pressure. Percy removed Oliver's cock from his mouth, flicking his tongue over the head and then beginning to lick the shaft up and down very slowly, wanting to draw this out even longer.

When Oliver felt Percy's hand on his testicles, he felt a tightening in his balls. He was going to come soon, and he wanted so badly for Percy to take it, but he didn't want to make the other man uncomfortable. "Perce..." he moaned. He couldn't form many words, and this was a sort of warning that he was going to explode any second. He thought it would be best to warn, unlike with some of the other people he fooled around with; perhaps it was just beecause it was Percy, or because, in the deep recesses of his mind, he wanted to see Percy again.

Percy took Oliver's moan to mean that he was going to come, and he once again engulfed Oliver's cock in his mouth. He wanted to taste Oliver's come. Removing his mouth from Oliver's erection for only a second, he murmured, "Come for me. I want you to come in my mouth, and I want to swallow it all." He didn't know if he would be able to swallow it all, but he would certainly make a valiant effort. Oliver's cock was in his mouth once again, and he was applying intense suction, wanting to get as much come out of the other man as was possible.

Oliver heard Percy's words, and he couldn't hold back any longer. His hips thrust upwards as he came; there was no way that he could have remained still.

Percy drew in a sharp breath when he felt Oliver's testicles draw up, and he prepared himself as best as he knew how by opening his mouth slightly and trying to open his throat to be able to take as much as possible. The first spurt of come hit him in the back of the throat, and he almost choked. He moved slightly, so it wouldn't hit him there again, and then it was more comfortable. He was constantly swallowing, and his tongue was still swirling around the head of Oliver's erection. Percy wanted Oliver's orgasm to last a long time.

When Oliver finally stopped coming, he pulled his softening cock out of Percy's mouth. "Fuck, Percy," he moaned. "A perfectionist in everything you do, aren't you?"

Percy moved up the couch so he could lie beside Oliver. "Are you complaining?"
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