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Well, since I didn't have much to do today, I wrote more of the fic I posted last several nights ago, which can be found here.

Who: Percy and Oliver
Where: Now they're at Oliver's
Rating: R, maybe heading into an adult rating
Summary: More of the relaxation techniques

"No," Percy insisted, "I'm..."--he let out another low moan--"not sexy. It''s you who's the sexy one. You're much more attractive than I am."

Oliver removed his hands from Percy's shoulders and came round to sit on the coffee table in front of Percy. "Oh, you know that's not true," he said, smiling and resting his hands above Percy's knees, nearing his thighs. A surge of electricity flowed through Oliver's body when he did so. He had never thought that touching Percy Weasley would cause him to feel like this. Then again, he'd never thought that he would be touching Percy Weasley like this. Oliver leaned in, placing his hands on Percy's cheeks and kissing him lightly, just to gauge the other man's reaction.

Percy knew that his statement was true, but that this was neither the time nor the place to argue it. He sighed when Oliver's hands were on his legs, and the flush in his face was returning rapidly. If Oliver's hands continued to move upwards, he would find out how hard Percy had gotten, simply from the back massage. And that is unacceptable, he thought nervously. However, all of that was forgotten when he felt Oliver's lips against his. His heart started to beat a rapid tattoo in his chest, and he kissed Oliver back with a fervor he hadn't known he had in him. Percy didn't know that he had wanted it this much for a long time. He hadn't had fantasies about Oliver for at least a year, but that he was in Oliver's flat, half-naked, being kissed by the other man, he didn't need fantasies. He had the real thing, right in front of him.

Without thinking, Percy wrapped his arms around Oliver's bare torso, pulling him closer for a deeper, more passionate kiss. This was amazing. Every second of the kiss was electric. It had never been like that with Penelope; he had only kissed her because she had wanted him to, and he thought that was the way things had to be. Now that he was kissing Oliver, however, he knew that his view had been wrong. This, he thought, is the way things have to be.

Oliver went willingly when Percy pulled him closer. He hadn't thought that Percy would have reacted this well to his advances, and he was quite pleased. Oliver broke off the kiss briefly to press a small kiss to Percy's neck, and then his lips found Percy's once more. Oliver, he had been told, was a very good kisser. He started things off slowly, and then built up anticipation with longer, deeper, more passionate kisses, usually ending in a tongue battle between him and the other person involved. He wanted this, whatever this was, with Percy to end up as much more than a simple tongue battle. He knew what he wanted, and he always got what he wanted.

Percy let out a louder moan when he felt Oliver's lips on his neck. That was amazing. He hadn't known that his neck was so sensitive until just then, but now he wanted Oliver to do that a lot more.

The moans that were coming from Percy were egging Oliver on. He now knew that Percy's neck was sensitive, and he planned to exploit that to the fullest. Though he was no longer standing behind Percy, his hands continued to lightly massage the other man's shoulders while he attached his lips to Percy's neck, intent on leaving his mark. Don't think Percy has ever had a hickey before, Oliver thought devilishly. Tonight is a good night for him.

"Mmm, Oliver," Percy moaned when Oliver attached his lips to his neck. "That's bloody...amazing..." He ran his fingers up and down Oliver's back, barely touching his warm skin in an attempt to make Oliver want more. Percy didn't know what he was doing. He didn't know what to do in most situations, and this one was even more dire. He needed to know what to do. He wanted so badly to be able to please Oliver, to make Oliver feel the way he was making him feel, that he was getting anxious because he didn't know what to do. Relax, Percy, he told himself. Live in the moment. That would be difficult, but he would try. "You know," Percy said, a breathy tone coming to his voice, "...I...I thought about this, school..." His face flushed a deep crimson as he said that; he didn't think he would ever tell anyone about that, but it seemed that his voice had betrayed him.

That moan of Percy's caused Oliver's cock to stand to full attention. He had never thought he would be the one to make Percy make these noises. He loved it. When he heard Percy make his admission, however, he stopped, but only for a split second. Percy had? Oliver never would have thought that Percy had had it in him. "So," Oliver said, pressing a light kiss to Percy's lips, "you've dreamed about this since school?"

Percy nodded.

"Well then," Oliver said, a mischievous grin coming across his face, "we'll just have to see if I live up to those dreams, won't we?" He lightly pushed Percy back so he was lying on his back on the couch, and he was kneeling above him. Looking down at Percy, Oliver found him quite attractive, with his face flushed and his mouth slightly open. Oliver couldn't wait to do what he wanted to do, but he would have to lead up to it. Slow down, Wood, he told himself once more. It's his first time; let him savour everything.

Looking up at Oliver, Percy felt incredibly vulnerable. He had never been in this position before, about to be...well, he didn't quite know what...but he felt like he was very open right now, and he wasn't used to that. Relax, he told himself. Oliver won't hurt you.

No, Oliver wouldn't hurt him in a violent way; maybe something he did would hurt for a very short time, but it would be worth it for the rest of the time. He rested his elbows on the couch, lying down so he was nearly on top of Percy. Oliver didn't want to crush the skinnier man; Oliver was quite a bit more muscular, and he didn't want to hurt Percy unnecessarily. Instead, he leaned down so Percy could feel his breath on his chest, and his tongue darted out to lick one of Percy's nipples. He swirled his tongue around the bit of pebbled flesh, feeling the nipple get harder as he paid more attention to it.

Percy let out a loud groan when he felt Oliver's tongue on his nipple. That was bloody amazing, he thought, his breath coming in shallow gasps. "Ohhh..." Percy moaned. "S'bloody good.." His eyes slid shut, only wanting to experience, not see.

"What did I do?" Oliver asked devilishly. "What did I do that merited that?"

"You...when you..." Percy said, almost bashfully, "when you...licked and sucked nipple like that... that was bloody amazing..."

Oliver grinned and quickly moved one hand to Percy's crotch, where he squeezed gently. Seeing how hard Percy was made Oliver even more anxious to get to what he wanted to do. Usually, he didn't like foreplay; he liked instant gratification, and foreplay just prolonged his torment.

Percy jumped when Oliver grabbed his crotch. "Oh, God, Oliver..." he groaned.

"What do you like?" Oliver asked, a twinkle coming to his eyes. "What do you want me to keep doing?"

"Anything," Percy moaned. "Anything you like...s'bloody amazing..."

Anything he liked, hmm? Oliver liked the sound of that. His hands wandered back down to Percy's hips, where he deftly unfastened the other man's trousers. Once he'd undone the button and the zip, he said, "Lift your hips." He knew what he wanted to do, and as soon as he'd started doing it, Percy wouldn't want him to stop.

Percy complied immediately. He thought he knew what Oliver was going to do, and it sounded like an excellent idea to him.

Oliver slid the other man's pants down his hips until he could toss them away to the floor. His hand roamed over Percy's crotch once more before removing his boxers as well, throwing them where he had thrown the pants. He was surprised when he saw Percy's cock; it was a lot bigger than he'd expected it to be. The head was an angry purple, and it looked like it needed immediate attention, which Oliver was more than prepared to give. He began by kissing Percy's hips and thighs, moving slowly to Percy's cock, licking the shaft all the way to the head before engulfing it in his mouth.

Percy let out a loud groan as he felt Oliver taking his erection in his mouth. This was the most amazing thing he had ever felt, and he never wanted it to stop. "Fuck, Oliver," he moaned. "That's...that's...amazing.."

Oliver nearly choked when he heard Percy swear. He'd never thought that Percy would be the type to use crude language, having been so uptight and rule-abiding when they'd been in school, but that word, that one word, made his cock twitch in anticipation. He decided it would be a good idea to add some variation to what he was doing, so he changed the angle from which he was coming in while he sucked. One of his hands slid down by his mouth, and, taking hold of Percy's testicles, began to gently massage them.

Percy hadn't thought it could get better than it was, but suddenly, it was even more amazing. He felt Oliver's hand grip his testicles and massage them, and his hips started thrusting involuntarily into Oliver's mouth. He didn't know how much longer he was going to last, but it didn't matter. This was the best thing that had ever happened to him. "Not...gonna last...much longer," he panted.

That was what Oliver wanted to hear. He had wanted to hear that what he was doing was making Percy feel so amazing that he was going to come. Oliver let out a slight moan around Percy's erection, hoping that the vibrations would bring him even closer. He wanted Percy to come; he wanted to taste it and see if Percy tasted as good as he looked right now.

That was just what Percy needed. When Oliver moaned around his penis, he felt his balls drawing up and he let out a low, guttural moan. "Oh, fuck me, Oliver," he moaned loudly as he came. This was the best orgasm of his life; previously, it had just been him wanking himself off, which had been good at the time, but he didn't know if he could go back to simply wanking after having this. His only coherent thought as he came was I hope I get to do this again...

Oliver didn't stop when Percy started to come. He just slowed down a bit and began to swallow. He sucked Percy's penis until Percy had stopped coming and Oliver could feel his cock softening in his mouth. However, this wasn't what interested him. He was interested in Percy's comment.

Oliver gave the other man a devilish grin. "If you're good," he said, sticking his tongue slightly through his teeth.

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