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Looking for a Percy/Oliver fic

Hi, I'm looking for a multichapter Percy/Oliver fic. There's a lot of schmoop and emotional h/c, and an incredibly insecure Percy, as well as a sex scene. There may or may not have been a scene by a fireplace/hearth on Christmas. I also think Percy and Oliver meet when one or both of them are somehow in disguise, though I might be mixing up my fics.

Looking for a Percy/Oliver fic

Hello, I read this fic quite a long time ago and haven't been able to track it down.  It's a story where Percy and Oliver go to a party wearing masks or costumes and don't recognize one another.  They wind up hitting it off and run off to shag on Percy's boss' desk.  His boss walks in, and Percy finds out that his boss is actually Oliver's dad.  Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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Fic: Ingenious Virtue

Title: Ingenious Virtue
Author: primeideal
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 45,000
Characters: Percy/Oliver, Fred, George, minor character ensemble.
I choose not to warn, but please see spoilered warnings on the "original post" if interested.

Summary: Consigned from the life of a slave to fighting in vicious bloodsports, Percy Weasley has no idea what lies in wait. Everything from a surprising family reunion to a mysterious old book brings a change from the normal routines of slavery, but perhaps it's Oliver Wood who has the most to teach him about life, death, and everything in between.

Author's Note: This was written for the "2013 Summer of Slaves" fest at HP Owned on Livejournal. The prompt I claimed was "Any setting (magical or non-magical, AU or canon) with a slave fighting ring. Masters use their slaves as fighters for their amusement, including betting, tournaments etc." I was ambivalent about some of these tropes and even the pairing, at first. Then I started brainstorming all the different directions I could take it. And it's hardly an exaggeration to say that this fic ate my brain. Many thanks go out to the original fest mods for their gracious extensions, and to the amazing starduchess for an incredible betaing job. Any remaining errors are of course my own.

I just saw that this community was trying to get back up off the ground, so I hope you enjoy!

Original Link, also on Ao3 and FFN (updates Mondays).

Chibi Art: Happiness

Title: Happiness
Artist: brinimc
Pairing: Harry/Draco, Percy/Oliver, Merlin/Arthur
Rating: G
Materials Used: Photoshop
Notes: A few days ago I posted a poll of random words on my journal to see if the votes could inspire me rattled brain. Not only did bunnies produce by the first place, but also by the second place and the honorable mention.

First Place: Harry and Draco, Unicorns, Making Up for Harry’s Childhood, Happy, and Malfoy Manor.
Second Place: Percy and Oliver, Jealousy, Laundry, Puppies, and Silly.
Honorable Mention (As Requested by Kitty): "Merlin/Arthur with unicorns while playing mini-golf on the moon!"

Three Happy Couples

fics: sunny with a chance of/on the flip of a coin, pg-13/pg

title: sunny with a chance of
author: curiouslyfic
rating: pg-13
w/c: ~2k
a/n: Just a bit of pick-me-up fluff for brinimc, for the prompt "sunshine". Beta by uniquepov.
summary: In which there is sunblock and Oliver in swim trunks and fluff all over and tragically, no actual reading of Percy's book.

title: on the flip of a coin
author: curiouslyfic
rating: pg
w/c: ~3k
a/n: B-day gift, also for brinimc, for an hp_getlucky prompt about Oliver, Percy, and coin flipping with intent. Beta by kinky_kneazle.
summary: “Oliver, no one decides their life’s path on the whim of a coin flip. It just isn’t sensible.”

Art: Nothing Else Matters

Title: Nothing Else Matters
Pairing: Percy and Oliver
Artist: brinimc
Rating: G
Warnings: Fluff! And chibis! Of COURSE.
Materials: Watercolor and Colored Pencil (gasp! Real materials again!)
Summary: Snippets of Percy and Oliver's life together.
Notes: My nephew has the flu and I started thinking about what if Oliver had the flu. The other two are made with prompts from curiouslyfic. The prompts were "hurt" and "pet."

Pwow Art! This way!

fic: a well-earned bit of skiving, pg

title: a well-earned skiving
author: curiouslyfic
rating: pg
warnings: none
disclaimer: Transformative work of JK Rowling's Harry Potter series.
notes: For the lovely and talented brinimc, who challenged me once upon a time to write these two and was then made of patience when I took forever to actually do it.
summary: Oliver loves visiting the Ministry, getting Percy’s staff all aflutter when he winks his way through the office. It’s all the best bits of being famous and none of the annoying ones. Plus, there's Percy.